Saturday, November 03, 2007

One Year Later

My brother David asked my mom a question not long before the accident that took his life a year ago today. He asked her, "Do you think my sisters are proud of me?" It makes me sad that he didn't know that the answer was an unqualified yes. But I know that he knows now.

Music speaks to people in different ways. To some, it's just a pretty tune and nothing more. To others, like my brother and myself, music and lyrics held (and still hold) a much deeper meaning. We shared a love of music and books that I continue to carry on. I can still hear David's voice singing the songs we loved whenever I listen to them.

And every once in a while a song comes along that describes exactly how you are feeling. I don't know how it happens, but it always amazes me. The following song tells you where my heart is today. Where I've been, and what I'm looking forward to when my time here is done.

I will meet you at the circle's end, David. This much I am sure about.

Now I have the same question for you, one year later:

Do I make you proud?