Thursday, May 31, 2007


I had the best dream.

In it, my sister Angie came to see my for my birthday. Her husband decided to fly out too to go on a job interview here in town. He was trying to find a way to somehow move their family back to the Pacific Northwest. It would involve much sacrifice, but it would all be worth it in the end to have us all back together, where we belong, with each other. So important, now that we have painfully learned how quickly our lives can turn on a dime.

In the dream, it happened so fast. They flew back to Chicago. Then there was a teary phone call saying that there was a job offer, and it had been accepted. Like magic, their house in Chicago was sold and the perfect little house was found and purchased here in Portland.

I have dreamed some form of this dream many times in the five years since they moved away. It never failed to bring tears to my eyes and a long sigh over what could have children growing up surrounded by the love of their Auntie and Uncle and cousins; unhurried time that a rushed week once a year of trying to fit everything in before you go can never, ever begin to cover.

Except this time I didn't wake up.

It really did happen.

Welcome home, Angie. You are right where you belong.

Now, what are we going to do today?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Seven Random Facts About Me

This is a fun meme that's been circulating around blog-land. I may very well be the last one participating. Here are 7 totally random facts about me:

1. You will never find me setting foot inside of a bank. I'm terrified that I'll be caught in the middle of a stick-up. I do all of my banking at the drive-through or ATM.

2. I'm not a vegetarian, but could easily become one. I think most meat is yucky and will pick around it if it's in a dish I'm eating. I seriously could live on Jamba Juice alone for the rest of my life and be quite happy with that.

3. Thinking about pretty yarn never fails to cheer me up.

4. I despise seafood. That sounds really odd coming from a girl who was born and raised in a coastal town. The smell, the texture, the taste...intolerable. On a good day I might be able to choke down some salmon, if it's not too "fishy" tasting.

5. One of my biggest pet peeves when eating out at a restaurant is to get a fork with even slightly bent tines. Can we say "OCD" (obsessive/compulsive disorder)?

6. I am a complete germophobe. Elevator buttons, ATM buttons, hospital rooms, hotel rooms, anything on an airplane or public transportation gives me the absolute willies. Kind of puts a damper on travelling, wouldn't you say?

7. I still believe in ghosts. Even more so as I get older.

I tag whoever else has not participated yet and wants to.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Then & Now

Thank you all for your sweet comments and loving thoughts during the aftermath of my Washington DC trip. Many of you emailed me asking about the beautiful shawls I wore during National Police Week. Weren't they lovely? I had never worn shawls before, and now I want to wear them with everything. They kept me surprisingly warm and comforted, which was the result intended by the givers.

The tan shawl I wore to the candlelight vigil and at the Peace Officers Memorial wall was a birthday gift from my dear friend Mamma. Sharp knitterly eyes recognized it as the Pacific Northwest shawl from Fiber Trends, which carries a lot of meaning for me since that is where I live, and I was missing home. This shawl was knit with love, from her heart to mine, and I treasure it.

The purple shawl I wore to the memorial at the capital was knit by Tracey, my most gracious sp9 spoiler. She said she knit it with prayers of comfort, peace, and God's love. It's the Forest Canopy Shawl knit with Kidsilk Haze. So soft. I'm a lucky girl indeed.

And as a knitter, I appreciate every stitch, every row, and every hour put into making these beautiful gifts. My heart is full.

Kimberly at Woven N Spun has issued a challenge for those who choose to accept it. The task is to find your high school senior picture and post it on your blog with a current picture of yourself. Since my *gasp* 20 year reunion is scheduled for this summer (and NO, I am NOT going) I thought I'd play along.

Here I am 20 years ago, Class of 1987:

My face just says it all, doesn't it? I remember purposely choosing a picture for the yearbook in which I was not smiling, to show how I felt about the whole small town high school experience.

And here I am today. That's better.Life since high school has been very, very good.

I'd love to see anyone else's then & now photos, if you so choose. Be sure to leave me a comment when you've posted your pictures so I don't miss them!

Back Home, But Forever Changed

Views from Washington DC

The Washington Monument from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial:The Lincoln Memorial:
National Police Week in Washington DC was emotional and exhausting, as expected. I was deeply touched by the honor bestowed upon the memory of my brother and his fellow officers who died in the line of duty. Here is one of many examples of the meaningful tributes paid during the week:This is my mother, my niece Stephanie, my oldest sister Angie, my middle sister Laura, and me at the candlelight vigil held at the National Peace Officer's Memorial:At the candlelight vigilFinding my brother's name on the memorial wall
At the Capital Building with my brother's wife Celia and my sister Laura:
Listening to President Bush speak at the Capital:

Celia and I meeting the PresidentI have to say, regardless of politics, to hear the loss of my brother acknowledged by the President of the United States was powerfully moving.

A heartfelt thank you to all who sent words of encouragement and support while I was away. It is so unbelievably good to be back home.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Here I am

It's been a very long time since my last post, and for that I apologize. I am still trying to find out what is the new "normal" for me with everything in my life.

First, let me answer some questions posed by readers. The tea blossom sent to me by my wonderful Secret Pal 10 is available for purchase at Adiago Tea. I've already made an order, and found them to be quick with shipping.

Next, how did I become a test knitter for Knit Picks? Last fall I was reading through messages posted on my local Stitch n Bitch board, and the design coordinator for Knit Picks happened to be looking for test knitters in my area and posted a message. I responded, references were checked, and here I am. Not a bad gig.

Speaking of Knit Picks, I finished my latest assignment last week. I've mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: secret test knitting is not very conducive to regular blog writing, when I am not able to talk about what it is that I am knitting. I'll try to keep my sidebar updated so you'll know when I'm working on test knitting projects. If I haven't written in a while, chances are it's because I'm working on a secret assignment.

I can't show you or tell you what the project is, but I can give you a sneak peek. Remember in my last post how I was worried about doing a crochet border? This picture illustrates a border without the crochet edging, and one with. It's very subtle, and though my camera didn't pick up all the stitch details, it's quite a noticeable difference in person.
(The finished crochet edge is the one on the bottom). Isn't that color lovely? I never would have chosen it myself, but after knitting with it, it really grew on me. It's Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Terra Cotta. And here is a super secret sneak peek of the beaded fringe I added:The round reddish colored beads are Poppy Jasper. I have to say, I'm very pleased with how this project turned out. Look for it in an upcoming Knit Picks catalog.

Next I want to say a big thank you to Kimberly, my very gracious Sockret Pal spoiler. Look at the final package she sent me:There was chocolate sheep (I love that they included a black one), a lamb pez dispenser, some note pads, a scissor fob with "Trina" spelled out, a tape measure, a zippered pouch woven by Kimberly, an adorable sheep card, and two skeins(!) of yarn spun and dyed by Kimberly. Here's a closer look:
My camera doesn't show it very well, but that purple skein is very sparkly. I love it. And what's the name of that pretty little multicolored skein of yarn on the left, you ask? Well, it's "Trina". Kimberly dyed it up just for me. *doing the happy dance*

And the icing on the cake was the pair of socks Kimberly knit for me out of the same yarn:
Aren't they adorable?

Thank you so much, Kimberly! It was very nice getting to know you through the Sockret Pal swap.

Speaking of receiving packages in the mail, I found this mess in my mailbox yesterday:A horribly smashed, ripped open and wrapped in cellophane(???) box.

Let me set the scene here. Last week I was one of the extremely lucky few who was able to score some yarn during Yarn Pirate's maiden voyage into selling yarn on her own website. I believe she sold out in a matter of minutes, and her shopping system actually oversold a ton of stock. She had to email several customers and let them know that their order would be delayed while she dyed more up. I didn't get the dreaded email, so I waited anxiously for my pirate yarn. Do you see where I'm going here? Yes, that mangled package was the shipping receptacle for my highly anticipated pirate's booty. (To see what all the fuss is about, click here to see some of her amazing colorways).

I anxiously opened the packaged--well, actually, looked inside the already gaping hole that was the box, and my fears were realized. Precious yarn was missing. Hyperventilating, I fired off an incoherent email to Ms. Yarn Pirate herself, Georgia, who responded very quickly not to worry, she had me covered. She would mail out replacement yarn the next day.

Georgia, YOU ROCK!

And I just know that some mail carrier in between here and Seattle is living it up with the purloined yarn. In fact, I'm not convinced that the damaged box was an accident at all, but was a result of some sharp eyes on the lookout for packages containing Yarn Pirate's coveted new colorways. After all, we know the ways of pirates, matey.

Would you like to know what I'm knitting now? The progression goes like this:From a beautiful skein of Blue Moon Socks That Rock in Love in Idleness Colorway, given to me in the best birthday present ever from my dear friend Mamma, to this:which is ready to be knit into this:
My sweet friend and I are doing another round of friendship knitting, this time to Titania's Revenge by Cookie A. This one's challenging, to be sure, but girlfriend's got my back with any knitting pitfalls I may encounter, so how can I go wrong?
Say you don't like flashing? You're reading the wrong blog.

And just as quickly as I swooped in here to update you on everything, I will be leaving again. I'm off to Washington DC to National Police Week where my brother and his fellow fallen officers will be honored. It will be a very emotional time for me and my family, so if you think of me next week, please send thoughts of strength and healing.

My love to all.