Monday, January 29, 2007

It's been so long!

It's been far too long since my last post. Life continues to be crazy busy, and I still have miles to go before I sleep. But I've missed you all, and have much to tell you.

First of all, I want to say a big thank you to my SockRet pal, Kimberly, for this wonderful package:I know we're not supposed to know the identities of our pals yet, but she let it slip in an email, and I'm glad she did. She dyes beautiful yarn and sells it on her website, Woven N Spun. She's even offering a 10% discount to SockRet Pal participants, so if you haven't had a chance to see her handiwork, go take a look.

The package that Kimberly sent me included a matching set of notecards, pens, and coffee mug (which I of course will take my tea in). She also sent a sweet little box of Whitman's chocolates and the cutest little pair of pink scissors in a pink case. Those immediately went into my knitting notions bag and I've received many compliments on them. And finally, Kimberly sent a skein of her own yarn in the Pumpkin Spice colorway. Thank you so much, Kimberly! I feel very spoiled.

The pumpkin spice yarn is destined to become a pair of Aran Braid socks, of which you can find the link to the pattern on the Mystery Socks Revealed blog that Amanda did a fabulous job putting together. Very well done, Girlfriend!

We had a bit of snow two weeks ago. It's all gone now, but I wasn't able to share pictures with you then because my camera was broken. Those are the trees by our driveway. They looked so beautiful flocked with snow. I will be sharing more snow pictures in a later post.

I have been furiously knit, knit, knitting away on so many projects for other people. I enjoy it very much; I think it's fun, and I usually learn something new with each project. Usually the projects are spaced out nice and even to where I don't get overwhelmed. But this time everything happened all at once and I have found myself buried. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel now, but it got pretty hairy for a while there. I've still got plenty of work to do, I'm not done yet, but it's coming along. It's important to me to keep knitting fun; a haven.

Most of the projects that I've been knitting unfortunately can't be shared until they have debuted on their respective websites or in catalogs. I am allowed to show you glimpses, which I will in due time.

One project I can share with you is a scarf that my sister A. asked me to knit for her friend's birthday. Here it is modelled by the lovely Girlie: The first picture here is just illustrating the gossamer effect of the yarn when it's spread out. Here it is worn as a conventional scarf: Details:
Yarn: Bernat Matrix, 2 skeins
Needles: Size 13 straights, bamboo
Specifications: Scarf is knit in garter stitch throughout.
Measurements: 18" x 72", with an added 3" fringe to each end.
Notes: This was a very quick knit. Recipient is reported to be delighted and has been sighted wearing said scarf around the windy city of Chicago.

Finally, I got to meet Louisa Harding last week when she came to my favorite local yarn store, Molehill Farm. Here we are standing next to the display of her yarns.
She was a delight to talk to as we discussed her designs and books. Meeting her in person and knowing what a sweet lady she is makes me love her patterns and yarn even more.

My love to all.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I want to thank everyone for their wonderful expressions of love and support while I've been sad. It washed completely over me, how much I miss my brother and always will. But I'm very lucky to be surrounded by people who love me and who allow me to walk through the storm, beside me when it's possible, or waiting for me on the other side when I have to walk alone.

Portland has been hit with a little bit of snow. This doesn't happen very often, so when it does, it's a pretty big deal. It looks like a winter wonderland out there. I would show you pictures if I could, but for some reason my camera is not allowing pictures to load onto my computer. I hope it's something easy, like me being a dork, which is usually the case. The kids have been off school all week, since Monday was a holiday. They've been frolicking and playing and drinking hot chocolate like little elves from the North Pole. These are the days I hope they always remember, sister and brother playing together, in the snow, in the rain, in the sun. Making forts out of couch cushions, fighting, making up, always laughing. I've got a few of those memories myself, and they are what sustain me now.

There has been much knitting going on. In fact, the needles have been flying. I've been doing a lot of test knitting, and a lot of commissioned knitting for other people. When I'm finally able to post pictures, there will be a feast of things to see. Until then, you'll just have to use your imagination.

My love to all.

Monday, January 15, 2007

I Believe

Oh, how I'm missing you tonight, David.

MP3 File

I Believe

Recorded by: DIAMOND RIO
Words and Music by: Skip Ewing and Donny RossMIDI by: Carole Nichols

Every now and then
Soft as breath upon my skin
I feel you come back again
And it's like you haven't been
Gone a moment from my side
Like the tears were never cried
Like the hands of time are holding you and me

And with all my heart I'm sure
We're closer than we ever were
I don't have to hear or see
I've got all the proof I need
There are more than angels watching over me
I believe, oh, I believe.

Now when you die your life goes on
It doesn't end here when you're gone
Every soul is filled with light
It never ends, if I'm right
Our love can even reach across eternity
I believe, oh I believe.

Forever you're a part of me
Forever in the heart of me
I will hold you even longer if I can
Oh, the people who don't see the most
See that I believe in ghosts
If that makes me crazy, then I am
'Cause I believe.

There are more than angels watching over me
I believe, oh I believe.

Every now and then
Soft as breath upon my skin
I feel you come back again

...and I believe.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Which End Is Up?

I must apologize for my absence here on my blog. So many things are happening all at once, it's hard to know which end is up.

Mostly good things.

One good thing is that I finished my first Pirate Sock. Just look at how the colors flashed: Mamma and I both got sick while knitting on our pirate socks. We were beginning to think that we caught scurvy from those scalawag pirates. I'm finally mostly over this sinus congestion/head cold thing that literally knocked me off my feet.

Unfortunately, the second sock will be a little longer in coming. Life is craaaaaazy right now.

You know I will fill you in when I get a moment to catch my breath.

My love to all.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Pirate Knitting

What is Pirate Knitting?

It's the gathering together of luscious Black Purl Lorna's Laces yarn, the even more luscious Johnny Depp, some chocolate, some Jamba Juice, and two friends who cast on together for the same project at the stroke of midnight across the miles on New Year's Eve, and knitting "together" throughout the day on New Years Day.The friends, of course, are me and the lovely mamma. The project is Walking Away Cascade socks from Fiber trends. You might recognize this pattern as the same one I made for my beautiful niece Stephanie for Christmas.
These lovelies are for me. The top picture is the front ribbing of the sock, and the bottom picture is the lace cascade down the back.
These are more than just mere socks. They represent healing and friendship and a determination that life doesn't just go on, it goes on in style.

Drink up, me hearties, Yo ho!