Monday, June 11, 2007


My love of all things crafty stems from growing up around both of my grandmas knitting, crocheting, beading, painting, writing, sewing, and quilting. I remember at Christmastime my Grandma Hasel would set out beads at the her round table and make Christmas ornaments. There was always a crafty project afoot whenever I was at either of my grandmas' houses. If I needed a dress for the singing program at school, Grandma would make it.

I've dabbled in many crafts throughout my life, but knitting is the one that has completely captivated my imagination. Its meditative nature has a real calming effect on me.

Sometimes the thought has crossed my mind of what kind of legacy I will leave behind. What will I be remembered for? How did I affect my corner of the world? Does everything I knit really make a difference, or am I wasting precious time?

First and foremost, I'm working very hard to raise healthy, loving, responsible children. I consider that to be my best contribution to humankind.

My family and friends are very important to me, and I hope this is always clear in my words and actions.

But what about the things I knit? Will that all be a waste of time?

I only have to look at the items around my home that were made with loving hands to know the answer to that question.

ZimDee's favorite pillow case is one my Grandma Hasel hand-painted for me when I was ZimDee's age. The artwork is of a little girl (she is supposed to be me) sitting down with a kitty among flowers. Grandma wrote my name in cursive above the picture. Her handwriting was exquisite, and I think about her every night when I tuck my little boy into bed. I nursed all three of my children with with this same pillowcase on a pillow cushioning my sweet little babies. I don't know if Grandma ever imagined that when she painted this pillowcase for her 5-year-old granddaughter that it would also become a favorite of her great-grandchildren as well. I'd like to think that that's what her hope was.

All three of my children sleep under hand-sewn quilts. Girlie and ZimDee sleep under quilts knit with care by my Grandma Lyn. Sproutie sleeps under a quilt that his Drammies, my mother Karen, sewed for me.

Though both of my grandmas are now in heaven, their love for me lives on in the items made especially for me, the same items now treasured by my children.

So am I wasting my time knitting things for the people I love? I think not.


Sly2017 said...

"So am I wasting my time knitting things for the people I love?"

Um.....a most resounding NO.....if you could see the face of Ms. J when she saw her sweater, you most certainly WOULD NOT think you had wasted your time. I know in my mind, it was anything but.

Jennifer said...

Nope. Creating handcrafted items is most certainly not a waste of time. I still have many handcrafted items that grandparents and great grandparents have made me and I cherish them.

Angela Martínez said...

You know, out of all the gifts I've ever been given, the ones I cherish most are the ones hand-made. The quilt from my great-grandmother, or the one from my grandmother. There's the simple little plastic canvas magnet on my fridge, and the sweet little apron I got for my birthday. Those are the things that I will have with me for the rest of my life, and they mean more than any store-bought gift possible. I know we live in a society where dollar signs and extravagance seems to rule, but I think that deep down, everyone still has that love of the special, made just for me sort of gift. And from what I've read of your family and how bonded you are, your efforts are most certainly NOT unappreciated.

shannon said...

Many of my cherished items were handcrafted from my family or friends. Everytime I come across these items it reminds me of the love and work put into it. So No you aren't wasting your time making items for other people. Just shows how much you care.

Amanda said...

I knit a very simple pair of slippers for a 50+ co-worker. When I handed them over, he stroked them and told me these were the first things anyone had ever knitted for him.

Knitting for those around you is definitely a lasting legacy.