Monday, April 23, 2007


My Secret Pal has been at it again. Look at this sweet package that arrived on my doorstep:My pal sent the cutest little stationery pad with two ink pens, A Post-it Flag pen that has little post-its actually inside the pen, and some cute post-it page flags (she must know how I flip through a new knitting magazine when it comes and mark the pages of a pattern that I want to knit!)

She also sent a chocolate bar (yum!) that donates part of its sales proceeds to endangered species, which made Girlie very excited. Both about the animals and about the chocolate.

Also included was an adiago red bloom black tea blossom. It's a hand-woven tea cluster that unfolds into what looks like a pink flower when you put it in hot water in your tea pot. (!)(!)(!) I've seen these before, and love them. I mean, hand-woven tea leaves? Doesn't that sound like a perfect meld of two of my favorite things, knitting and tea? Secret pal, please, please tell me where I can get more of these!

And last but not least, there was a sock pattern and a set of sock needles, 5 of each size from 000, 00, 0, and 1. Perfect for knitting with beads. The pattern is from Y2Knit and it's the Top-Down Anklet or Sock (I'll be doing the sock). My pal knows how much I love sock knitting! The funny thing about the set of sock needles is that I had almost bought them on the shop hop and regretted that I hadn't. And then here they come in the mail from my Secret pal!

Thank you so much, Secret pal. I love it all.


Jennifer said...

What a fun package!

msubulldog said...

Wow! You're drowning in knitterly goodies this week! (if you need any help, let me know *grin*)

Anonymous said...

Wow what a week! :) That tea sounds great. Let us know if you find out where to get it.