Monday, July 17, 2006

Happy Birthday ZimDee!

Happy 4th birthday to my sweet little man.

You were my smallest baby at birth, barely weighing in at 6 pounds, zero ounces. Here we are in the hospital where you were born. I was in awe at the wonder of you.

Your daddy was so happy to finally have a son.

I was just happy to hold you in my arms.

And my how you grew! Here is one of my most favorite pictures of you, taken on your 2nd birthday. Chocolate cake is mighty yummy!

You are one of the funniest people I've ever met. You love your mommy with a fierceness only matched by my love for you in return. Happy birthday, my sweet prince.


Stephanie said...

awwwwww Unka Shaina, what a sweet, sweet birthday blog for ZimDee! <3 That boy is just about the sweetest thang I've ever met in my life. Please tell Worm that I love him and have a happy happy birthday!!!


Luv2ReedGrandma said...

Wow. Excellent post. And, Happy Birthday, little Prince.

Tim said...

Hmm, my memories of 7/17/02 . . . Gosh I don't remember the day specifically. I do remember being at your house afterwards. And I do remember being a little sad that we all were moving in about two weeks.
for the birthday boy: Happy birthday kid. And watch your mouth, or I'll punch it.

Angela Martínez said...

Happy birthday to the little guy! I love the picture of him in the little hat. Great smile!

He's a beautiful little boy, and this was a great post. Thanks for sharing him with us.

KSD said...

Could he possibly be any cuter? What wonderful children you have, my friend!

msubulldog said...

Happy birthday to such a beautiful boy! What wonderful pictures. They grow up so, SO fast, don't they? *sigh* And the relationship between boys and their mommas? The absolute best! *grin*

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday to your handsome fellow!

mamma said...

Oh I've missed so much. Happy Birthdayd Zim-Dee. He is just so cute. Hope you had a good day.

I'm so glad to hear Sproutie doesn't have a pcn allergy. My son Meaty has a rare, extreme allergy to pcn (serum sickness). He was hospitalized for it on his first birthday. My ped said the same thing yours did, just stop the antibiotics and give him benadryl. Poor little man had to have steriods. It was so odd when we were in the hospital. His reaction is so rare, everyone who worked that day came to our room to see what his rash looked like in real life. I wanted to charge the hospital for putting him on display as a teaching tool. So glad Sproutie didn't have to go through all that.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of Chicago.. Hope that you and the family are doing well.
Love love the socks, I can't seem to finish a pair these days, I am blaming it on the heat and humidity.

Your secret buddy