Monday, July 10, 2006

Update on Sproutie

Here is an update on my precious Sproutie:Three days into taking antibiotics for his ear infection, he woke up with a terrible rash all over his body. We are still out of town, visiting in Chicago. So we took him back to the urgent care center, where they confirmed my suspicion: he is allergic to penecillin. The doctor said to stop administering the antibiotics immediately, of course, and put him on a regimen of benadryl.

As you can imagine, I'm not very happy about the allergy. Apparently allergies to penecillin are pretty common, but I'm not comforted by that fact when the mommy worrier side of me starts thinking about the options not available to treat my child. I've heard that administering antibiotics too soon and too often will more often lead to allergies to them, but my boy was truly sick, with a fever of 102.4 and in a lot of pain because of the ear infection. And I guess that if he was going to be allergic to penecillin, we would have found out sooner or later whenever he would have been treated with it. Mommy guilt is such an all-consuming thing sometimes.

The good news is that he is in good spirits now, and is smiling and laughing and wanting to play again. That warms my heart to no end.

So aside from a few polka dots, my baby boy is on the mend.


Tam said...

My little Spiderman is allergic to Penicillin too, poor dear. Thankfully, he hasn't needed antibiotics besides the time that caused him to find out he's allergic. :-) It really can't be helped so tell your mommy-guilt to go get dipped. Yes, I know THAT's easier said than done. Glad to hear Sproutie's on the mend.

Angela Martínez said...

Poor Sproutie sure has had a rough time of it, hasn't he? Glad he's on the mend. And like Tam said, don't go beating yourself up over it, it can't be helped. You'd have found out sooner or later that he was allergic to it. I'm glad that his reaction was a rash and nothing more severe.
My J-man has been on more antibiotics than I care to list, and has had some sort of side effect from almost all of them, usually in the form of a rash. But in every case it NEEDED the antibiotic. Mommy guilt is a tough one.

Again, it's good to read that he's feeling better.

Marji said...

my babybug is allergic to Sulfa drugs, so fortunately he can take the penicillin type drugs. Maybe next time Sproutie needs some antibiotic they will try the sulfa type. getting through childhood without needing antibiotics is almost impossible, so ditch the mommy guilt.