Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Checking in

It's hard to believe it's been almost two weeks since my last post. LOTS happening. But I didn't mean to go MIA and desert you all. Things are fine here in my world, just busy busy busy.

First of all, my sister and her family are here visiting. After a whirlwind couple of days trying to do everything on our "list" (see the ocean being number one), we have now settled down into a routine of eating too much while watching TV on DVD. We tore through season one of Grey's Anatomy (oh how I love that show), then moved on to the first and only season of The Comeback (didn't really get it; thank goodness it was short). Now we've moved on to Scrubs. I've never watched it before--it's kinda funny 3 episodes in.

There exists a freaky little time warp that occurs when my sister comes to town. It's like nothing is real. I get so used to her companionship, and that of my awesome niece and nephews, and then they have to leave. And what I end up missing is not the spectacular things we've done (like our trips to the coast, though nice), but the little everyday things like waking up and knowing they're here and all the things we will do today. What we will have for lunch, what library books are due, what movies we will watch. I get faced with the choice of protecting my heart for when they leave by not letting them in to all of the things I do every day. But how could I not share my life with them? I still believe it's worth all the missing and the inevitable loneliness and tears to fully experience every minute with my beloved family while they are here.

Much knitting is happening. Long set-aside projects are being finished. I will share soon.

My love to all.


mamma said...

Thanks for checking in. Good to know you've been gone because you've been too busy having fun. Enjoy your sister. And scrubs, it's pretty funny.

msubulldog said...

So glad you're getting to enjoy time with your sister! Can't wait to see long-awaited FOs.
Missed you at Knitting Guild last week. Actually I missed everyone because I was the only one there. Yup. It's this Thursday. LOL!

Tim said...

Sounds like your having fun with your family. Wait, THATS ME!!

Jennifer said...

Glad you're faving fun with your family!

Tricia said...

I'm so glad you are having fun. And getting to relax catching up on your DVD's. I look forward to next Tues night! Tricia

Marji said...

Happy you're able to spend time w/ your sis and her family. Tell us, where do you get whole seasons of TV shows to watch? (asks the one who is a TV and movie novice)