Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Thank You, Secret Pal!

The goodness just keeps coming. Look what I got in the mail from my SP8 Pal: My fabulous Secret Pal sent a lovely handwritten letter (which is such a rare thing these days) along with a scarf she knit for me herself in my favorite color, purple. She also sent some yummy Bath & Body works shower gel and lotion (I love that place), some Lion Brand Magic Stripes sock yarn (somebody's been reading my blog...), some peach flavored balm, and a tin of green apple candies which she advised is good for holding stitch markers when the candy is all gone. Thank you so much, Secret Pal! You are so thoughtful. I love it all!

Isn't that a cute little smile on Girlie's face? And notice if you will her hand draped proprietary-like on the scarf. She wants it for herself.Look how soft it is, Mommy.
See how good it looks on me?
Oh no! Now Sproutie wants it too.

Speaking of our kids always wanting what is ours, I always advise new mommies to not let their kids eat off of the mommy's plates, because pretty soon they want anything you're eating. They feel like they SHOULD HAVE IT. NOW. How do I know this? The Count and I learned it the hard way. Witness adorable Sproutie here forming a hostile takeover of his daddy's stir-fried vegetables.
The thing I find most cute about those pictures is how adorably skinny little Sproutie's legs are. It's a wonder those little sticks can hold the child up. By this age, both Girlie and ZimDee were monsters. But not Sproutie. He's taking after his mommy and staying little. There are plenty of great things about being small. I can personally attest to that. How about fitting into the coolest hiding places during hide and seek? Not feeling crowded into a car or airplane seat? Huh? See what I mean?

Here's a photo taken of our growing little family last weekend. It won't be long before Girlie's towering over us. And if you've been paying attention, no, that's not a trick of lighting. My hair is darker. For the heck of it I decided to change things up. I like my natural hair color just fine. It's kind of a dark blonde-light brown shade. But you know how we get--sometimes we like to see a change. I was telling the Count that I should probably wait to dye my hair until it turns grey and I actually NEED to do it. But it's kind of fun for now. It will always grow out.

Finally, congratulations to Tim for winning the movie line contest from The Fugitive. Being in Chicago reminded me of that movie again. "Next stop-Merchandise Mart." That was such a great picture.

The next movie lines up for your consideration are:

"Earmuff it for me."

"I thought we were in the trust tree in the nest, were we not?"

Good luck to all.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you like your package. I had a lot of fun making the scarf for you. Tho...girlie looks good in purple (lol). Great family photo!

Jennifer said...

Lovely package! I'm not sure you're getting that scarf back. :-)

Lia said...

Little Sproutie is so cute! When my daughter was that age, she called everything "chicken" and if she saw you eating, she would come up to you and say "gimme bite your chick-EN!!"

And she would have KILLED for a purple scarf like that!

Stephanie said...

Old School!!! My gosh the first time I saw this movie I had a blast just watching my dad and brothers crack up. This was when Will Ferrel's humor was still fresh and was as funny as ever. Same with Vince Vaughn. I still love watching this movie but sometimes it's bit too "boyish" for me. Oh well!

Can't wait to see you Unka Shaina!


knittinmom said...

Oh, man, Stephanie beat me to it! I love that movie!