Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I am a floozy

You heard me right. Or a ho. I just cannot resist the pull of an interesting swap or knitalong. SP8 and the One Skein Secret Pal both end this month, and I need something else to fill my time.

As you already know, Amanda started the Mystery Sock Knitalong, which at last count is up to 58 members.Sign-ups go until August 14th, so if anyone out there is still on the fence, there is still time to join. This is the kal where you knit a pair of socks from a pattern that has no picture. Could turn out great--could be fug. That's where the excitement lies.

Jennifer has started the Knitflix Swap in which participants exchange fiber, movies, and goodies. Sign-ups go from now until August 16th.

Chrissy has just started Sock-A-Month 2, in which each participant knits a pair of socks every month from August through December.If you knit extra, you get brownie points and entered into a drawing for some serious fiber goodage. I didn't join the first round because, well, I didn't even know how to knit socks back then. Now with one finished pair done, I feel like I can conquer the world!

Oh wait, that attitude belongs in this next tournament, which I found courtesy of mamma. This is SOCK WARS, where the only rules are:

1. The first rule of Sock Wars is, you must talk about Sock Wars
2. The second rule of Sock Wars is, you MUST talk about Sock Wars.
(no really, for this to be a success we need as many combatants as possible)
3. Two socks to a fight
4. One fight at a time
5. No shirts, no shoes, just socks
6. Fights will go on as long as they have to
7. If this is your first time in Sock Wars, you have to fight.

Sound ambitious? I hope so. I might just get smoked in this tourney, but don't count me out just yet. After all, they did name a hurricane after me (hey, if I have to put up with all the lame jokes EVERY SINGLE TIME I introduce myself to someone, you can deal with it too).

Won't you join me if you dare?


Jennifer said...

Knitflix!!!! I'm so excited!

Sock wars sounds like so much fun, but I have a hard enough time as it is getting the knitting I've got on my list done. I'd be bumped in the first round.

Tim said...

"Katrina Devastates Gulf Coast"

Marji said...

I thought of you immediately when I read about Jennifers Knitflix swap. Could there be any swap more perfect for you?
on the other hand, you are nuts girl for the sock wars thing. Some 'lucky' winner is going to get stuck finishing knitting everyone elses socks. Crazy!

Bitterknitter said...

Totally off topic, but I just saw that Smiley's Yarns is selling Bernat LuLu for $1.25 / skein. I think I remember reading you liked that yarn, so I thought I'd pass on the info!


mamma said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you. I hope everything is alright in your world.