Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Thank you, Chocolate Swap Pal!

A big thank you to my Chocolate Swap pal Angela for this wonderful package:Inside was a sweet little pumpkin bag filled with Lindt chocolates, a chocolate bar and box of assorted chocolates from Purdy's (from Vancouver, BC, Canada, where Angela lives). Also in the package were two skeins of Nomotta Regia yarn in chocolate colors, which will make great socks, and the most wonderful bar of Vanilla Sugar shea butter soap. It smells heavenly. Thank you so much, Angela. I feel very spoiled. There's nothing better than getting chocolate and yarn in the same package!

*Note to self: when opening a package that is sure to contain chocolate, do it AWAY from the children. They had the box of assorted chocolates evaporated before I got little more than a taste! Silly little things.

I was able to finish the little knitting project over the weekend to include in Angela's chocolate package, but since I don't want to give away the surprise if she is reading this, everyone but Angela can click on the link on my sidebar under finished objects to see it. Don't worry, Angela, you'll see it soon enough when your package arrives! I hope you like it!

In knitting news, I've been taking it kind of slow and easy. I sent off three swap packages in the last week (Knitflix, Chocolate Swap, and the Knitters Tea Swap 2) and have been busy gathering goodies for my Sock-ret Pal. I'm also anxiously waiting to find out who my spoilee is in Secret Pal 9.

I've also been helping some knitters in my life to perfect their skills:That's my friend "Treasure" on the left (hi, Girlfriend!) and my sweet Girlie on the right. In the picture we were on our way to a cute little tea place. We've gone there two weekends in a row now. "Treasure" asked for my help to remember how to knit so she could make a scarf for her friend for Christmas. I happily showed her, and when she thanked me I told her that her asking me to help her knit would be like me asking her to help me eat chocolate. My pleasure.

Girlie is the other knitter that has been practicing her skills lately. She and her brothers are crazy over the book The World of Knitted Toys. They sit and look at it and talk about it for hours. Girlie has made a list of the 20 *cough* things she wants me to knit for her, in a specific order. How can I refuse that sweet face? But I would like her to stretch her knitting skills too, so I've decided to make the stuffed animals a project that we work on together. I do the more difficult aspects like the increasing or decreasing (for now) and she does the straight knit and purl. Yes, I said purl. I'm happy to report that my Girlie learned to purl this week! I couldn't be more proud! If my daughter loves to knit, then I will always have someone to knit with, don't you think? I hope so.

Here is a picture of our first joint project:This is the tail and the beginnings of a body for a red and black snake. Girlie is very specific about the colors she wants used in her projects. And this is where acrylic has its best use for me: it's cheap, the skeins are big, and it comes in practically any color that you'd want a stuffed animal to be. I just have to be careful when the stuffing part comes in that ZimDee doesn't get carried away again.

In Sock Wars news, I now have a confirmed hit. RIP Mamie. You were a worthy adversary.


KSD said...

The very first thing my little girl ever knit was a stuffed animal; it astounded me. They are very brave!

Jennifer said...

That is a great package! Chocolate evaporates around my kids too.

I love the colors Girlie chose for her first project. I'm still working on SWB to see if he wants to learn.

msubulldog said...

What a great package! That's an awesome chocolatey brown sweater you have on, too. :)
That link to ZimDee's stuffing adventure had me laughing out loud! Too cute!

Luv2ReedGrandma said...

Hi Katrina! I've been reading your knitting blog and enjoying the pictures! I feel somehow I also made a 'friend' of Mamie; she sounds great, like really special.
Happy Knitting!