Friday, October 27, 2006

Thank you, Sock-ret Pal!

A big thank you goes to my Sock-ret Pal for sending me the yarn made just for Sock-ret Pal participants, called Hot Sox.This yarn is made by Susie at Perchance to Knit and it is gorgeous. The colorway is black, lime green, hot pink, and electric blue. I can't wait to knit it up. I was so excited when I received the package!

The yarn also came with a beautiful pink crystal stitch marker attached with a note from my pal. I feel very spoiled. Thank you so much, Sock-ret Pal! I love it!

It's been a week since my last post because I've been waylaid by the flu. I've just now started feeling good enough to be up and around and write a proper entry on my blog. Unfortunately, being sick with the flu made my head and joints too achey to get any knitting done.

The knitting I started before I got sick was a pair of socks for my mother-in-law, of which I almost have the first one done. I'm excited to show you when they're finished.

In Sock Wars news, Today marks 5 weeks exactly that I'm still in the game. Though I don't know for how much longer, because I got an email this week from the person up the line who is now trying to eliminate me. Depending on how long it takes her to knit me a pair of socks (which shouldn't take very long--the pattern is very quick to knit and I wear a size US 5 shoe) my days are becoming numbered. My second target, Mandy, received her socks of doom from me this week and has forwarded the socks for her next victim on to me. So it is a waiting game to see which socks I receive in the mail first. I would really like another kill under my belt before being taken out of the game. You'll be the first to know, of course. At the time of this writing, out of 772 participants, only 152 are left standing. I feel really good about making it this far. And in the end, what better consolation is there than to receive a nice pair of hand-knit socks just for you?

I wish you all good health.


Jennifer said...

Oh, I'm sorry you've had the flu! We've had miserable colds here, but not the flu. Actually we all got the flu shot yesterday.

Congrats on still being in the game for Sock Wars. You go, girl!

Your Sock-ret Pal said...

Glad you received the sock yarn and I am really glad you like it. I am wanting to get some of that for me :) Sorry about the flu thing. It's a bummer. Take care of you though. And kudos about the sock wars. I got knocked out pretty early in the game.

Stephanie said...

Unka Shaina I had no idea you had the flu!! You poor thing, I really hope that you ARE feeling better and let me know if you want me to send you some soup or something. Love you!


KSD said...

So sorry you've been flu-stricken. Anything I can do?

Susie makes gorgeous yarn, doesn't she? Good for you!

msubulldog said...

I'm so excited that you're still in Sock Wars (but you know that already 'cause I tell you that all the time!). :) I really hope you get your next target's socks in the mail first! No need to feel anxious about it, though, I think I'm anxious enough for you! *grin*
Hope you feel better soon. :( That darn flu.