Monday, April 17, 2006

Congratulations to Sandy

Congratulations to Sandy for winning the movie line contest from Raising Arizona in record time. I barely published the post to my blog before you had the answer. Well done! If any of you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend it for some serious laughs.

And in honor of Sandy's quick answer, I offer the next movie line up for consideration:

"Was that fast? I thought that was fast."

Good luck to all.

Well, not much has changed in the five minutes since my last post, so carry on.


Tam said...

I have good news and bad news and good news.

The good news: I got my Dove bar!

The bad news: Maybe you'd better start sending something other than chocolate until Fall. Mine was totally melted.

The good news: Dove bars come in leakproof wrappers so the liquid chocolate was perfectly contained. After a couple of hours in the air conditioning it reconstituted nicely and I ate it.

All's well that ends well.

Sandy Cheeks said...

I think you gave that Raising Arizona answer away when you said it was one of your all time favorites... and the panty line :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Tam I'm sorry. I'm stuck here in cold rainy weather and didn't even think about chocolate melting. It was the furthest thing from my mind. Yes, maybe I'll have to find an alternative summer treat, or stick to M&M's, that, you know, melt in your mouth, not in your hands.

mamma said...

My chocolate melted too. A little time in the fridge and it was as good as new.
that movie line is bouncing around in my brain. I know it's in there somewhere. Give me time, I'll figure it out.

Sandy Cheeks said...

I got my chocolate safe and unmelted. Then again, we're practically I never seen Chocolate like this. I havn't had a chance to try it yet, but I'm curious...

knittinmom said...

Oh, I love Raising Arizona! I'm going to guess on the next it Maverick?