Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Congratulations to Stephanie

Congratulations to Stephanie for winning the movie line contest from Spinal Tap. What a funny movie. Hooray for you, Stephny.

The next movie line up for consideration is:

he: "What makes you think I'm a lawyer?"
she: "You've got that sharp, useless look about you."

Good luck to all.

I haven't been able to find the time to do much knitting. A big reason for that is that we have been doing extensive spring cleaning around here, starting with *gasp* the garage! There is something so feng shui about having a place for everything, and knowing where everything is. I feel the need to simplify a lot of things in my life, and getting rid of unnecessary things I don't need and organizing the things I want to keep goes a long way toward easing my mind.

But my knitting time every day is very essential to my peace of mind, so I know that it's important to make time for that. And soon. I think that's a big reason why I've been feeling so out of sorts.

In the meantime, I've discovered some entertaining podcasts about knitting, to listen to while I clean. I've especially been enjoying "It's a purl, man". It's knitting from a guy's perspective, and he's very entertaining. He makes me laugh because he reminds me of my grown nephews sometimes, the way they think.

The weather here has been beautiful, and we've been loading the boys up in the red wagon and walking around the neighborhood. It's nice to be outside and not get so chilled. That's Girlie with her Dram-Drams and the boys.

This weekend I will be going on a yarn "shop hop" organized by my local knitting guild. This will be the first time I've gone, so I'm not sure what to expect. But I'm looking forward to a day to myself surrounded by other knitters. Doesn't that sound like fun?

In baby news, Sproutie has learned to whistle. I wouldn't believe it myself if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. He just started copying his dad one day. It's the cutest thing ever. This little baby boy could be his daddy's twin. They look and act so much alike. That's fine with me because I kinda like the Count. But the one thing I wish the baby wouldn't imitate is his dad's early bird tendencies. I am by nature a night owl, and come alive oh, about 10:00 at night. I've tried to squash that and train myself to go to bed earlier, but all I ever do is lay there for hours, no matter what time I've gotten up in the morning. So I might as well be productive and knit. And watch a little Buffy while I'm at it.

That would all be fine if Sproutie didn't wake twice every night to nurse, then spring wide awake at about 5:30 every morning, ready to start his day. That makes for one very tired mommy.

ZimDee has gotten into the habit of removing every piece of clothing he is wearing to go pee-dee in the toilet, then putting them all back on, usually backwards and inside out. As long as he is getting dressed again. For a while there he would "forget" to put his underwear and pants back on, then terrorize us all with his nakedness. So inside out and backwards Nemo underwear are much better than none at all in my book. Except if you've paid any attention to the construction of boy's briefs, the front "pocket" area is much shorter than the back area designed to fit around little tushies. So half the time he is walking around looking baggy in the front and speedo-tight, plumber's crack in the back. It's quite hilarious. I would take a picture to show you, but I don't want to get arrested for indecency.

My love to all.


mamma said...

pretty woman!!! How could anyone not love that movie? It made me want to grow up to be a prostitute with a heart of gold.

I saw that movie in the theater with my Mom, and during the blow job scene my Mom started talking to me about the episode of "I Love Lucy" that was on tv in the background. I think it was last year when I realized what was actually going on in that scene.

Ok, now I have to go read the rest of your post.

mamma said...

OK, now I've read the entire post. I think knitting during Buffy is my favorite way to knit. My sister owns all, I think its seven, seasons on DVD, and in the summer I have BuffyFest. Look for it around July.
I know what you mean about needing to simplify. I'm not sure if it was my Mom's death or just spring, but I've got a list of places I need to clean out, things I want to get rid of. I'm going to try to do just one thing on the list a day, we'll see how it goes. The Greatest is trying to get a job in another state, and I've got a theory that as soon as I get this apartment unpacked and really settled in (we've only been here six months and still have a ton of unpacked boxes) then it will be time to repack to move. At best he'll get the job. At worst we'll have a really organized home. Where's the downside?

trek said...

Pretty Woman, 1990!

And small children just love to be naked.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations mamma! You were the first to submit the correct answer. I will send a yummy prize that hopefully won't melt in your mailbox.

Nice effort, Trek. You were a mere 42 minutes late to win some chocolatey goodness. Care to try your luck again on future contests?

Anonymous said...

mamma, what a sweet memory you shared about going to see Pretty Woman at the theatre with your mom. I also saw this movie at the theatre, but I was on a date. I thought I really liked this guy, but he slept through the whole movie. I think he was hung over. Wonder why it didn't work out. Gee. That's one to ponder.

My sister is the one who introduced me to Buffy, and I agree it's a great show to knit to. I can look at finished objects around the house and remember which episodes I was watching when I knitted them. Funny.

It felt so good to get rid of so much stuff that we would never ever use. Now the Count wants to convert my old craft room into his office. I don't use the room anymore now that I can knit anywhere. So that means clearing out and donating or selling more stuff. There's something to this feng shui thing that the less clutter there is around you, the more clearly you are able to think. Well, as clearly as I can think after losing all the brain cells from having three children.

Good luck to the Greatest on the job hunt.

Stephanie said...

I love, love it when you put pictures up, Unka Shaina. It's so nice to see my lil cousins growing up all nice and sweet!

Good luck on your garage! Hey, maybe you'll find some neat stuff in there! hahah :-)

Sandy Cheeks said...

I laughed so hard at your discription of ZimDee's undies! still laughing!! I love it! hahaha

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed your blog. I am (sniff) a lurker. I am having so much trouble with the Erika Knight Cashmere Baby Leggings pattern and i saw that you made a lovely set for Sprout. If you have a few moments (and remember the pattern) could you please explain how you connected the heel pouch to the rest of the foot area? I have frogged so much my yarn (and I) can't take many more attempts. I think my brain is slacking off at the foot point in the pattern.