Thursday, September 06, 2007

First Day of School

My darling dear Girlie's first day of 4th grade was yesterday. Will someone please tell me how she is growing up so fast? I asked her that once when she was two years old, and she said to me in all seriousness, "It just happens to me." Here is my precious with her adoring brothers:Here's the whole gang at the bus stop giving Girlie a big send-off. No, it wasn't raining, but ZimDee is very particular about his hats:
And here is my priceless family this morning, waiting for the bus on what was ZimDee's first day of kindergarten. I just love how he is clasping his hands, with an expectant face, ready for anything:
The bus came quickly, too quickly. If he didn't look so excited I would have jumped right on that bus and snatched him right off again.
I know it's a big growth opportunity for my little boy, but indulge me this whimsy:
The school bus driving away with the most precious cargo inside. I honestly don't know how I snapped such a clear picture with the tears welling up in my eyes.

As I was telling my dear friend Mamma, you all can use this picture for evidence in my commitment hearing. Go ahead, I won't mind. I could use the rest.

It's going to take me a while to get used to having two children in school. Little Sproutie and I hardly knew what to do with the quiet today. Give us time, I'm sure we can find all sorts of trouble.

But today. Today I stop and reflect on how much I love my children. And how that love grows so big, so fast. It just happens to me.


MommyA85 said...

I just can't beleive how big they're getting!! My goodness!

Mamma said...

You need hugs, and lots of them. And I would never use that photo for your committment hearing, because I'm sure I have one of Pork Chop's first bus ride as well.

KSD said...

I'm tearing up just looking at that picture! So, so sweet.

And I think the hood is just adorable. He's very serious about his look.

Lots of love beamed your way.

Donna said...

Oh, so sweet! Makes me all teary eyed.

A's first day of pre-school is next Monday and I am having very mixed emotions about it. I'm so sad she is getting bigger and will be out in the world on her own, even if it is a small classroom filled with kind people. But I know she is going to love it, just like ZimDee does.

Where does the time go?

msubulldog said...

Ack! I can't imagine Aaron getting on a school bus by himself. The thought, alone, makes me teary.