Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Newport coast pictures

My little family and I took a trip to the Oregon coast a few weeks ago. As you know, I was born and raised in Coos Bay, and I consider those beaches and cliffs to be the most beautiful in Oregon. But this trip wasn't about beaches--it was all about the fish. ZimDee is obsessed with fish and marine life, so we took a jaunt over to Newport, which is home to the Undersea Gardens and the Oregon Coast Aquarium. In other words, heaven for my little ZimDee.

Here is a picture of the Newport Bay bridge, taken by yours truly. I do fancy myself a bit of a photographer, don't you know. How did I get the birds to fly just right? It just happens to me.
Here's ZimDee in the motel room getting ready for his big day out.Please note the picture of the blowfish on his shirt and of course the binoculars. This boy is serious about his fish.

Here he is by the jellyfish:
And the crab:
I have about thirty other pictures of him with the same hand-on-his hip pose by all the many different kinds of sea creatures, but you get the idea.

Here's Girlie next to some other kind of crab. When did her hair get so long?
And all three of my babies in the jaws of a shark.
Here's Daddy and Sproutie getting to touch a starfish (sorry about the picture of your hair, honey):
And a close-up of Sproutie's big cheeks and little finger touching the starfish. By the way, as much as ZimDee loves fish, he wouldn't even think about touching the sea cucumber, or "sea Su-cumber" as he calls it. I think it offends his sensibilities, or something.
I just love the pictures with Sproutie's cheeks. Here's another one looking down at the sea lions on the waterfront.
Finally, brother and sister walking hand in hand back to the car at the end of a perfect day.
These are the days I'll always remember.


Jennifer said...

Zimdee is adorable as usual! I hope he always has a love of oceanic life.

KSD said...

Oh, those glorious baby cheeks. . . They disappear, you know. Take all the photos you can.

msubulldog said...

Oh, I love the Aquarium! Especially the jellyfish. :)

Dan said...

You have to love Jim's pose..hand on glass, hand on hip, as if to say, "and here you see me with my crab, and me with my jelly fish and me with my....".
It's time for a Hayes/Ngyuen trip to the coast don't ya think! Maybe Seaside for an elephant ear and bumper car ride before it closes down!

Great post

Uncle Dan

MommyA85 said...

what a fun trip! the last time i went to those places (Undersea gardens, the sea lion docks, Ripleys, and the wax museum) I was 7 mos pregnant. He hasn't had a chance to see those things yet, but we DID go to the ocean and play on the rocks, in the sand and in the water, though it was still very cold. I think we'll make a goal of going, too.
Btw, I was wondering if ZimDee has his own fishtank yet, and when you might think he's ready for it, I've always wanted to give him a fish for his B-day.