Thursday, September 21, 2006

Soccer and Sock Wars

**********I started this post on Monday. It literally took me three days to load all these pictures onto blogger. What is UP with that?? Is anyone else experiencing difficulties with loading pictures, or is it just me?*************


Look at this beautiful little soccer player:
That's my sweet Girlie, and I love her so.

We are now in the middle of outdoor soccer season, and I'm enjoying it while the weather stays above freezing. Sproutie and ZimDee are loving it too:SproutieZimDeeSproutie taking it easy on the sidelines.

Girlie is improving every year. She's got a great coach this year, and she's learning a lot.
But what she does best is Goalie:She is truly gifted in that position. I think she likes it best because it involves less running (she takes after me, you know). I am very proud of her, and she takes pride in doing it well. She says to me, "Mom, no ball gets past me!" And she's right. You go, baby girl.

In knitting news, I've finished the secret test knitting project for Chrissy and I will be showing it to her tonight at the Tigard Knitting Guild meeting. It was a fun little knit.

Congratulations go out to Tam for winning the movie line contest from The Color Purple. Way to wow me with your elaborate explanation of what you thought of this movie in your very long, drawn-out answer, there, Girlfriend. :)

I'm resting my fingers today and taking time out to play with my children before the craziness of the Sock Wars begins tomorrow. Instead of disappearing completely, I will be posting daily reports so you can stay informed of my progress and share in the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat.It's a top secret mission, I know, but instead of giving away my position if my blog is infiltrated, I think it may serve the purpose of scaring my enemies. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm going to get creamed, but you'll be with me every step of the way, won't you? Aren't you excited? I know I am. I am listed in the forum as "Force of Nature". Hey, if they're going to name a hurricane after me without my permission, I might as well go with it, hmm? You can follow my progress on the Sock Wars forum by clicking on the link on the button above.

And a big shout out now to my fellow Sock Warriors and friends, mamma and Chrissy. Good luck, ladies! I'll be rooting for you!


Bitterknitter said...

Blogger + Photos = No Fun! I find that when Blogger decides to be, well, difficult, with my photos, that if, when loading them, I do one at a time with the no format (or whatever they call it. Not left, not center, not right, anyway...) option selected that for some reason, they load every time. Hope that helps, and good luck with the Sock Wars!


Angela Martínez said...

Girlie is looking great in her soccer gear! Way to go, Girlie!

As far as loading pictures goes, I've found that loading them to photobucket or a similar site, and then linking to them in my blog is much easier and works much faster. I was actually doing this before I realized that blogger had it's own upload feature, then switched to using blogger's. Now I'm back to photobucket with less headache.

Good luck in the sock wars. I'll be rooting for you.

msubulldog said...

Hooray for Girlie Goalie! She's one tough cookie like her mama, huh? :)

I am SO glad you mentioned guild tonight. I'd have forgotten! *whew*

Good luck with Sock Wars. I love the Warrior button. It makes me snicker. Hee,hee! I am fascinated by the contest (thought not enough to play) and will watch excitedly as events unfold. :) Can't wait to see what happens!

Tricia said...

Great pictures of Girlie! Much better than mine came out. Hopefully I will get better ones this weekend. See you then!

Jennifer said...

Girlie looks great playing out there! You go, Girlie!

Tam said...

Hey, every blabbermouth has to have ONE moment of brevity. That was mine so watch out from now on!!

Actually I was in a hurry that day so just slapped the answer down and ran out the door. I love love love that movie despite wanting to rip Danny Glover's face off. ha I put this in the category of "great" movies which everyone should see but it's not one I'd want to watch over and over- too depressing.

It's getting cooler here so, if you haven't already, you can send CHOCOLATE! ;-)

KSD said...

Being a goalie truly is a gift; good for her!!

Stephanie said...

Oh my gossssh! ZimDee looks like a real boy!!

I knew McKenna would do well. I'm so glad to hear that she's having such a good time with sports. :-)