Friday, September 22, 2006

Sock Wars Update # 2

The pattern is up! The pattern is up! The pattern is up!

Yes, Yarnmonkey was affected by the hurricane, but thankfully she is fine. She is unable to send out individual emails (aka our secret mission dossiers) so she posted the pattern on her blog. (I included the link for those of you curious about the pattern) .

So I'm off to start my covert mission. Wish me luck! I'll inform you of my progress before I go to bed tonight (and then you'll really know how slowly I knit and how much of a night owl I truly am). I'm more of a leisurely knitter, after all; it's therapy for me, rather than a race. Why am I in the Sock Wars, then? Because I just couldn't resist.

See you all tonight (or tomorrow morning, depending on how many of you share my nocturnal tendencies)!


msubulldog said...

I am excited to see what happens! Did you see "Sock Warrior" the exclusive Sock Wars sock yarn at The Sweet Sheep? Pretty cool. :) Maybe I need to develop a Mystery Sock colorway to award at the end of our KAL? Hmmmmm. . . .
Good luck! (you're probably knittng instead of reading this, anyway--at least I hope so!)

Jennifer said...

Good luck!