Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sorry Mamie...

...but I finished your Socks of Doom tonight. I will be sending them out in the mail tomorrow. But don't give up--you never know how the postal service will behave. It's simply not over till it's over. Here is a preview:I truly hope you will like them. They're only the second pair of socks I've finished to date.

I've tried to wade through the genealogy of assassins on yarnmonkey's blog, and that could take forever. So I'm just going to wait until I receive a package in the mail--it will either be an unfinished pair of socks for me to finish, or it will be a finished pair of socks signalling my demise. Either way, I feel good that I finished these socks in record time for me, qualified for my "S" for September in the Sock-a-Month 2, and especially that I've made a new blog friend in Mamie. You rock, Girlfriend!

Here are the specs on the socks: International Socks of Doom (having a heck of a time linking to the pattern, will try again later), knit with a ball and a skoshe of Plymouth Dreambaby DK yarn (50% acrylic microfiber, 50% nylon). (Now, lest you think this is yucky yarn because of its acrylic content, I will assure you that it is wonderfully soft and supple and knits up beautifully. You must feel it to believe it.) Needles used: size 5 addi's for the magic loop. Pattern notes: What I enjoyed most about this pattern is that I didn't have to keep referring to it every inch or so, because it kept the same ribbing of k3,p3 on one row and k1,p1 on the next row throughout the sock. That came in handy for me, not having to think.

Now I've got to get started on knitting a little sumpin' sumpin' for my Chocolate Swap pal. Don't you worry about me--knitting is what I do. It's who I am.

(Trying to keep a straight face.) Is it working?


Jennifer said...

Knitting is who you are! I'm somewhat kidding here. :-) You go with the socks of doom! Woohoo!

Lavendersheep said...

Congratulations! Those are awesome socks =)

Angela said...

Your sock-weapons look great!

I'm still working on mine. Hoping to cast on for #2 tonight.

Tricia said...

Wow, those look great. Congrats on getting them done so fast!

Madame Purl said...

They look great!!!

Teri said...

Congratulations Katrina, on such a quick finish - they look great, too! I'm especially impressed since these are only your second pair of socks. Good luck in the wars!

Tina in Wonderland said...

Great job on the socks!

I'll have to give that Plymouth Dreambaby yarn a try. I don't care what a yarn is made of as long as it looks and feels nice.

May you live to the end of the mighty Sock Wars...and may Darth Vader NOT be your daddy!

Charity said...

Hi Katrina, thanks for your comments on my blog! I love the Socks of Doom :0) The baby socks I made were loosely based on the pattern here: http://knittingspells.blogspot.com/2005/10/js-little-socks-for-his-big-feet.html

Hope you have fun with them!

Anonymous said...

Hey Katrina -

Have you gotten any of my e-mails? I've sent you 2 or 3. Just a few questions about the Tea Swap.

Your KTS Pal,

Anonymous said...

Great job on getting the socks of doom out to your intended victim. Tey look great.
From your Sockret Pal Partner