Friday, September 22, 2006

Sock Wars Update # 1

And the word on the Sock Wars is...No Word.

The pattern was supposed to be sent out today, Friday, September 22nd. Sent by email? Posted on the website? That is unknown.

There has been No communication from Yarnmonkey, the ringleader of the whole shebang.

There are participants waiting (im)patiently from all over the world. In Australia and New Zealand, it is Saturday, September 23rd already. And still no pattern to begin.

Word is that Hurricane Gordon has hit Ireland (where Yarnmonkey is located) and that there are massive power outages. Ironic, don't you think? If that is the case, I do hope she and her family are all right.

Jittery doubters on the Sock Wars forum, most of whom didn't go to sleep last night waiting for the pattern to suddenly arrive at a moment's notice (and who are running on pure adrenaline and too much caffeine) have suggested that this is all a cruel hoax. After all, how can you organize something like this with 800-odd participants?

Personally, I think there are major flaws in the system; big issues that would need to be worked out for this to work properly. But I'm still game. I would love to see how this all turns out after the dust settles.

If there is any dust to be settled.

Stay tuned...

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