Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Blankets and Babies

Drammies mentioned that I haven't added a new post in two days. That's no way to keep fishies on the line now, is it?

I got to see Tulip's new baby, Gracelyn Christine. Here is a picture of mama and child:

Tulip already looks exhausted, doesn't she? But so happy too. Notice that baby Gracie is wrapped in...what is that, you ask? Yes, it is the pink blanket I knit for her! A closer look:

And now for the particulars on the blanket:

This blanket was knit up with four skeins of Lion Brand Velvet Spun yarn in Carnation, at $5.99 per skein, for a total cost of $23.96. I used size 10.5 circular needles. I cast on 48 stitches and knit in a K1,P1 rib throughout because I liked the look of the braids running up and down. The blanket turned out very soft and fluffy. And due to the size of the yarn and needles, it knit up very quickly. I would make it again for another baby.

The only downside to this yarn (and I mentioned this earlier) is that if you're not VERY VERY careful, the ends of this yarn will shed little hairs everywhere if not weaved in very well. I noticed that the manufacturer actually burnt the cut ends of the yarn on the skeins to prevent this from happening at the stores. Other than that, this yarn is very enjoyable to work with.

I made a little bit of progress with the gloves I'm working on from a kit purchased at Target, and that's what I brought with me to my Monday night knitting group last night. But knitting slut that I am, someone mentioned wanting to make felted clog slippers, and I said I would make a pair too to keep us accountable. Oh, how easily my head is turned by new yarn and new patterns. I am very loyal in all other aspects of my life, so I think it's ok to let my inner yarn hussy come out and play.

I also checked out a book at the library on knitting stuffed animals. I really would like to give that a whirl too. Where does the madness end, I ask you???

I've had a few guesses on the current movie line quiz ("I was just inches from a clean getaway") but no winner yet. Keep trying, my loves.

I will end with these sweet pictures:

Yes, little Sproutie has graduated to the high chair. I can hardly believe it myself. It's almost bittersweet for me, knowing he is my last child. I am thankful for his learning and growing and all that he will become, but I cherish his babyhood.

And he is such a good eater! TWO jars of food at a time, if you please. His favorite by far is of course bananas (mine too, hee hee) but he doesn't refuse anything. What a good boy!

Much love to all.


Stephanie said...

Mmmmmm... chocolate.... Thanks Unka Shaina! Wow Sprout is getting HUGE!!! sigh... I hope he doesn't gorw TOO much before I get to see him again. What a beautiful blanket! It looks so soft. Gloves seem really challenging, I'd love to see how they turn out.

Ok, this new line seems like a hard one! Could it be Nine Months?

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephny! It's good to see you again. I've missed you these past couple of days. Yes, Sproutie is growing so fast now that he is eating solid food. And now he wants to SIT and play. We spent 10 minutes laughing and watching him trying to grab a specific monkey from his favorite toys last night. He's a genius, I tell you! He's very interested in everything that goes on around him. And he smiles all the time! I just want to squeeze him!
Nice try on the movie line, but Nine Months is not the answer. Since I've now gotten guesses from my major players, I will leave a small clue in my next post. Be sure to try again. Isn't that chocolate yummy?
Thanks for liking the blanket. I do think it turned out very cute.
So far the gloves aren't really that challenging, but I'm only to the thumb right now. I'm very proud of myself that I found a mistake on the pattern and was able to figure it out all by me onesies.
Sproutie looks bigger than he actually is in the pictures to me, too, so don't think he's growing up too fast. And Girlie and ZimDee are always talking about their "Daffy" (that's ZimDee's name for you), so he will always remember you in his baby heart.

Luv2ReedGrandma said...

Even though I am not a movie buff, I will guess at this one. Might it be from "Catch Me If You Can?" I liked the pictures you published of Sprout. (Maybe the new pajamas will fit him sooner than I thought) You've got me curious to see how you are knitting the gloves, too. Happy knitting in Topeka, LuvGmaK