Monday, January 30, 2006

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Here is me getting a big wet kiss from Sproutie. Oh, how I love that boy.

Congratulations to Tim for winning the True Lies movie line quiz. Snaps to you, Tim, for also setting the scene and knowing why the line is so funny to me.

We got back from in-law land late last night, and it's great to be home. There were a few mud-slides on the highway, but they were clearly marked. It's no secret that I hate that drive, so I'm glad it's behind me now.

The fantastic news is that ZimDee kept up with his mastery of the toilet. At first we were stopping at all the rest stops on the way, but even the Count was getting grossed out by the unsanitary-ness of that. (And I am the germophobe in the family). Plus it was pouring down rain and the boys would just get soaked every time we stopped. So the Count got smart and stopped at a WalMart along the freeway and bought a $9.95 portable potty so that Zim could stop and pee-dee in that while staying warm and dry and germ-free in the van. (oh yes, I had the antibacterial wipes handy at all times). We only had wet pants once, and that was on the way to wally-world. The rest of the weekend, whether at sister-in-law's house or mother-in-law's house, was dry. So I'm very excited to send ZimDee back to preschool tomorrow in big boy pants. His teachers will be so proud of him!

Brother-in-law Stoney D (husband's sister's wife)(and he actually made that nickname up for himself!) ended up not riding down with us, which was a nice surprise. The truth and what actually comes out of his mouth are usually two different things, and the four hour drive is difficult enough for me without listening to his tall tales. Those of you who know him, know. And mother-in-law is very busy getting ready for her 2-month trip to Vietnam, so she did not come back home with us. It's just less pressure off of me right now. I remember the days (before kids) when I could take the weekend and clean the house and do laundry, etc, and actually feel like I was ready to face the new week. Not anymore--right now in Topeka, everything is always in a virtual state of chaos, and I never feel like I can catch up. Add my mother-in-law to the mix, and I am running on the hamster wheel 24/7, blindfolded.

I did not make it to see a movie down at the coast, but I am going tomorrow night with my sweet friend Kitty-lover. I did buy some yarn, however. In fact, the WalMart we stopped at to buy the little potty was the same one where grandma used to shop and buy all of her yarn. So I stood in the yarn and fabric department and honored her memory there. I only bought two little skeins of yarn there, thinking of maybe trying to make a little something for Stephny someday. But at the WalMart in in-law land, I bought the rest of the discontinued Pixie yarn, which wasn't much, but made me happy.

Every time we visit my in-laws, Girlie catches a cold from one of her cousins, and this time was no exception. I hope and pray she doesn't pass it on to the little boys.

In knitting news, tonight is Monday night group, where I will put in my time until the time I've paid for is up. I really do not enjoy going there at all and will be glad when the sessions run out. I've started a cardigan in lovely Cashsoft, but I want some reassurance that I'm doing it correctly before putting too much more time into it. And the reassurance I'm looking for won't come from this group. I'll have to wait until Wednesday group for Cheryl and her grandmotherly wisdom to give me the encouragement I need. I've also started a second cardigan to work on when I get stuck with the first, this one in the discontinued (but of course) Mission Falls cotton. I like the pattern, but my heart is really into the Cashsoft cardigan at this point. Who can blame me? Have you felt this yarn?

Finally, new movie line contest. This one might be a little obscure, so do ask for help if you're stuck. One hint I will give off the bat: the target audience is under 4 feet tall. Here goes:

"Morons! I'm surrounded by morons!"

Good luck to all.


McKenna said...

AAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!I know that line very well!for as it is a very funny movie called,''All Dogs Go To Heaven''that is my anser. Love,Kenna you mean the charicter that says this line is under 4 feet tall,or is it not for people that are under 4 feet tall? P.P.S.i`m suprised that you are not ansering my Dragon Ridle Contest. P.P.P.S.if this does not count,I don`t mind.

Anonymous said...

Kenna Darling you are so sweet. You are correct about the movie line. Probably because you were the one who told me to use it, hahahaha. But I will still give you the prize. *Love*