Wednesday, January 04, 2006

We Have a Winner...

And the winner of my first ever movie line trivia contest is: Stephanie. Yay! The line was "Did they teach you that at the Bureau? How to rile up the deviant?" and the answer was the movie "Taking Lives" with Ethan Hawke and Angeline Jolie. Hottie Ethan Hawke said it on the train as he was leaving. I gave the movie such high marks (10/10) because I guess every ending of every movie I ever see, and this one eluded me, many times. It has all the elements I like in a movie: mystery, some spookiness, clever lines, cute guy. Some parts can be pretty gruesome, though, so disturbing for some. I, myself, can handle it. *wink*

So snaps go to first best guesser Stephanie, who beat Tim by 17 minutes. Your chocolate is on its way. You have learned the ways well, Grasshoppa.

And a big thank you to all who participated.

New movie line contest, starting now: I love this line, but a lot of people do. It's gotten a lot of overuse sometimes. Many people even use it but don't know where it's from. I'm not sure if it's going to be too easy or too hard. So here it is: The first person to correctly guess what movie this line is from gets yet more chocolate. The line is:

"That's some bad hat, Harry."

You may recognize the line if you watch House (great show). It appears in the end credits after every episode. But do you know where it came from?

Good luck to all.

On the knitting front, I started a baby blanket for Tulip's adopted baby girl, who is due to be delivered this morning. Here is a preview:
I'm knitting it out of Lion Brand Velvet Spun. This yarn is a very fluffy chenille. The jury is still out on what I think of it yet. I chose it because Tulip likes fluffy blankets, and I knew it would knit up quick. But if you aren't very careful, you will get little fuzzies EVERYWHERE from the ends of the yarn. So you must take care to weave them in carefully, especially for a baby blanket. I'm knitting it in a K1,P1 rib pattern, because I thought the little braids running up and down would give it a nice texture. I'll let you know if I like how the end product turns out.

Girlie went back to school yesterday. That doesn't make me the happiest person on earth. She is such a loving presence that I miss her all day long. Sure, she has her spaz moments, but I love having her around. I don't think I like the idea that I constantly have to get used to not being around the people I love all day every day. I love the Count, but work keeps him so busy that we mostly see each other when trading kids. My babies are my heart, but once they start school, is this the start of training me to get used to not being with them? I refuse to believe that. Yet Girlie is gone all day, and here I am without her. Trust me, I've got plenty to do every day, I don't sit here and look out the window until she gets home, but I wish she was with me doing what I do. And that goes for my mom too, who lives in Seattle, and for my sister Trophy Wife and her beloved Purple family over in Chicago and Minneapolis. WHY CAN'T WE ALL BE TOGETHER ALL THE TIME? *sigh*

Ok, I'm done feeling sorry for myself.

Did I mention that little Sprout has sprouted a sharp little tooth on his bottom gums? It's the cutest thing if you can catch a glimpse of it. He's very secretive about it and won't let you look at it on purpose. I would take a picture of it to show you, but he won't let me. So you'll just have to imagine a sweet little sharp white toofie where just gums used to be. He's my first child out of three to get his first tooth on the bottom.

ZimDee also started preschool yesterday, but that's only for an hour or two, three days a week. I love it when he acts so excited to see me when I pick him up, like I didn't just drop him off 60 minutes ago.

This Christmas break felt like the shortest I've ever experienced. Probably because I was sick for part of it, and it made me feel like I lost some days. At least I feel like I partly caught my breath and can maintain the carpool/volunteer/taxi schedule once again. I was running on fumes there at the end of the year.

So good luck to all. Drink up me hearties, yo ho.


Stephanie said...

"Thank You! Thank You! First, I'd like to thank my Aunt, for giving me this wonderful gift of Movie Knowledge and Awareness. Also, I would like to thank Ariel, the best Little Mermaid of all time, for giving me the inspiration and motivation to continue with my Film Watching talents. Thank you all.. so much..."

heehee ok so I'm so excited about the chocolate treat! Oh, and what a pretty fuzzy pink blanket! I bet it's really soft. How many projects are you doing at the moment? How many would you say is the limit for you?

Tim said...

Well, you said either too easy or too hard. And this one is too easy. I feel like I'm stealing that chocolate away from you. The answer is Jaws. Chief Brody said it to Harry at the beach right before all heck broke loose. But hey, good line. I can't believe I was beat on that last one!

Katrina said...

Hey Tim! Snaps to you for winning this contest. I like how you even set the scene...your yummy chocolate is on its way. Do let me know when you get it and if you like it. Love, Me.

Katrina said...

Hi Stephny! Right now at the moment I've got 7 UFO's (unfinished objects) on the sticks (or in the works). You just commented on the fluffy pink blanket, and I just posted two more pictures of some blue baby blankets for lil Sprout. I have also started some gloves but haven't gotten too far. I am actually done knitting and blocking (laying the knitted garments out to prepare them for finishing ((sewing together))) an adorable baby blue sweater knit out of Cashsoft (a fabulous cashmere blend yarn) for Sprout's 1st birthday (oh, I am that good) and an olive green shirt and footed leggings outfit knit in Rowan Wool Cotton for Sprout that I hope he can still wear by the time I feel confident enough to sew the seams together. My finishing class isn't until February--shoot. If not, I guess I can always frog the top (frog means rip out--rip it, rip it) and knit it in the larger size. The size of the leggings should be fine. I will post pictures of these projects when I get them finished. The last project half done is a wonderful little beaded purse knit in size 0000 needles. (The smaller the number, the smaller the needle). These needles are about as thick as, oh, a round toothpick. Slow going, but so fun.
How much is the limit? What does that word mean?
Some knitters are very monogamous and only work on one project until it's done. I don't understand that. I like having several projects that wait patiently for me to return to them whenever I get a hankering for them. And most of the time I find that it really helps when I'm stuck on a pattern to go to something easy and mindless for a while.
Do you think you'll ever want to knit? I can show you...

Stephanie said...

Maybe someday I'll have the patience for knitting... so much vocabulary and strategy I'm not sure I could do it! But if you and I had an oppurtunity to go over the structure of it all, then I would defenitley be up for it! Afterall, I ONLY want to be taught by the best. :-)

That's quite a lot of projects to be doing at once! It makes sense though. Maybe it would get too boring or something if you only had one at a time, but I don't know.

Katrina said...

Hey Stephny,
I know you have the patience for knitting because I've seen you around small children.
There's really not that much technique or vocabulary if you just keep it simple and do what your heart desires. Not everyone needs to be obsessed with everything.
And knitting actually has a very calming, zen-like quality to it. I know you'll enjoy it if you let me get my hands on you!
Love always, Me.