Sunday, January 22, 2006

Yay for Tim!

Congratulations to Tim for winning the movie line from The Good Girl. The line was: "What's your name? Catcher?" and it was Jennifer asking Jake the question because he said he was named after the book The Catcher in the Rye. The book is a classic, and I'd probably have never read it if Tim hadn't been assigned the book in high school in Minnesota, and I happened to be there visiting during that time. I couldn't wait for him to get home from school, mostly of course because I LLoooovve him, but also because I would rip the book out of his hands and read some more. Good times.

And time for another movie line quiz. Here is the next line:

"That's what separates us from the animals: our ability to accessorize."

Good luck, everyone.

Timothy asked for, and will receive, a SuDoku prize. The default is chocolate, unless I get a specific request.

In knitting news, I have just about finished knitting up the second felted clog. I just have to bind off the last row, weave in the ends, and tack together the double soles. And of course, felt them in the washing machine.

I'm thinking about switching from my Monday night knitting group to classes at another store. It's been an ongoing issue, the social experiment that the Monday group is. The teacher is a little moody. And because we're knitters of all levels (beginner, intermediate [where I fall in], and advanced) the beginners are naturally going to take up more of the teacher's time. That's understandable, but when I'm paying money to go, and I can't even get the teacher to help me at all, then something's got to give. I'm paid up for another 4 weeks, then we'll see what happens. This is a group that just started in November, and apparently what happens at this store is that a core group goes on indefinitely. But I usually end up leaving there feeling like a chump. So I've signed up for instruction at another store, and if it works out better for me, I will do that instead. The classes at the other store are on Wednesday nights, for one hour instead of two, and are a bit more expensive, but if I'm getting more out of it, all the better. I will let you know after this week's classes. I know you'll be holding your breath waiting for my verdict-Ha!

I hope everyone has a lovely day. Love, Me.


Stephanie said...

You know, I had a hard time reading the Catcher In the Rye. I don't want to affend anyone here, but it made me feel like it was a book... only psychos would enjoy. AHhahahahha! wow that sounds really cruel... but come on! The guy who shot Kennedy crapping had that book in his pocket didn't he? Ok I'm curious, what made you like the book? The reason for my disliking is that we were reading the mind of this kid, right? And he thought really crazy things one second, then changed his mind to thinking some other carzy things... on and on we'd listen to this stuff. and THEN, it ends. Didn't get anything out of it. Am I missing something here?

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephny, I just spent a half an hour writing a comment to you about why I liked The Catcher in the Rye, and blogger up and ate it. So here I go again. I really enjoyed reading the book because it was just like any one of my teenage nephews telling me a story. The author, Salinger, completely NAILED the way teenage boys think, in my opinion. I know the guy had problems and the story was most likely told from a psychiatric facility, but it was very engaging to me. I very much enjoyed discussing the finer points of the book with Nathan and Tim. I can see how you might not like it, but I enjoyed the ride. It was nice escapism for me. By the way, I think it was the guy who shot John Lennon, Chapman, who had the book in his pocket. But the book didn't have any gratuitous violence, so I would think it quite a stretch of imagination to say the book made him do it.
By the way, I am a bit left of center--that's what makes life interesting for me.

Stephanie said...

Hmmm that's interesting. Thanks for your opinion Unka Shaina!

Tim said...

Catcher in the Rye = very hilarious. Shes right, he nailed it.