Monday, January 16, 2006

Congratulations to Stephny and another contest

Hooray for Stephanie for guessing the line in Scrooged: "It's a bone you lucky dog!"

You guys are getting too good at this. It's time for another movie line. Here goes:

"Apple pie, my favorite!"

Good luck, babies.

I'll leave you with these pictures of Girlie and Zim sharing some ice cream. I love it when they have fun together this way. My hope is that they'll look back on their childhood and say, "remember when we used to share ice cream right out of the carton?" I have fond memories like that myself.

And notice if you will ZimDee's adorable Batman pajamas he got for Christmas from Chicago with love. Thank you, Auntie. *kiss*
Our love to all.


Tim said...

I was just about to say: "Nice Pajamas!!"

Oh and the movie is Micheal I think.

"Me Oh My! I Love Pie!!" Oh I really don't like that movie.

I think thays right.

Stephanie said...

Those kind of memories that you're talking about our my favorite! I can remember when my brothers and I found this mud puddle in our front yard. We put on our swimsuits and slid around on it for like half an hour.... until mom and dad came and got us... but FUN!!

As for the movie quote, I can't seem to figure it out! It's like a very generic line, but I know I've heard it from a specific movie before... but which one!? I'm going to take a wild guess and say American Pie, because it's famous for those apple pies, but i dont know.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tim and Stephny,
Thank you for your contest submissions. Unfortunately, neither guess is the right movie. It does seem a bit generic, doesn't it, poop? Yes, Tim, I didn't really enjoy the movie Michael either. Andie MacDowell (or however you spell it) just has no acting talent, in my opinion, and the movie was just stupid. And American Pie--just a bit raunchy. Think younger---remember I'm in Topeka here.

I'll give you another clue:

The next line after "Apple Pie, my favorite" is:

"Chicken Pie, you idiot"

I probably just gave it away, but I do enjoy spreading the goodwill of chocolate to make the world a happier place.

Love you babies.

McKenna said...

chickin run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!