Thursday, January 19, 2006

We Have Another Winner...

Congratulations to McKenna for her correct entry of "Chickin Run" for the movie line: "Apple pie, my favorite!" Big cheers to you! (and chocolate, of course).

On to the next contest. The line is:

"She'd eat if we were having Tony-loaf."

Once again, it's on.

Good luck to all.


mamma said...

It's from "The Incredibles" isn't it. They're eating dinner and Dash says it about Violet. Right?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations mamma! You are correct! Hooray for you! As the mother of small children, you've probably heard that line a million times. Your prize is a fantastic chocolate treat. If you want to email me your address privately (to I will send it on its way to you. By the way, I've missed reading your posts on your blog. Evil must be keeping you verrry busy. Or has Boyd struck again? How is that coming along? *snaps* to you for winning the contest.