Sunday, January 22, 2006

Oh, and by the way...

I mentioned Dancing With the Stars in a previous post. Notice that the minute I declared who my favorite couple was, they got voted off. See? It's a conspiracy, I tell you! I'm not even going to get into the whole controversy of the (seriously screwed up) voting process. I'm just going to say how much I'll miss watching Jonathan and Giselle dance.

And I caught Skating With Celebrities, and it definitely does NOT float my boat. Very painful to watch in an extremely corny way. I would take it off my TiVo if little Girlie didn't like it so much (go figure).

That's all I have to say about that...


Tim said...

I feel the same way you do about Skating with Celebs with Wife Swap or Trading Spouses. Very corny and hard to watch.
But I don't watch either of those shows. I like the old classics Survivor or Amazing Race.

mamma said...

I can't get into Dancing with the Stars. It looks more like dry humping to music to me. And I'm embarassed for Lisa Rienna with those outfits she wears. She was never that well known to begin with. Is she that desparate to make a name for herself. She should just go back to days of our lives. She was always my favorite Billy.

Is the movie Legally Blonde?

Mom+Sis+Auntie said...

As I read it, I "heard" it too:


Thank you, thank you.

I am opting for my "usual" prize request.

Love, love, love,

Anonymous said...

Tim, yes the classic reality shows are the best. Though if you really want my opinion, I think Survivor jumped the shark with the All-Star season. I think if they were going to bring back previous players, they should have waited until they could have all winners, competing with each other on equal playing fields.
The Amazing Race is quickly becoming my favorite show. I just started watching it this last season with the family edition, and I was hooked in an instant. I'm so glad the brothers and sister won. They were so funny. But we could take them on, no question. We would so rock. I'm now watching the Rob & Amber season (#7) and at first I couldn't stand them, but now I'm enjoying watching it, knowing who won. But honestly, I do feel R&A had an unfair advantage with being recognizable. Again, for me it's all about the equal playing field.

Mamma, I too am embarrassed for Lisa Rinna. I also watched her on Days, but could never get past her lips. There is a big raging controversy over whether they're real or collagen-enhanced. My opinion is that her lips might be puffier than average, but I think she enhances them even more. They do not look natural. And the funny thing to me is I was at a restaurant and the table next to me was two senior citizen couples, and they were having a very lively discussion about, what else, Lisa's lips. It was hilarious to hear that become so mainstream. I never did enjoy the character of Billie no matter who played her. Hope is the only one for Bo, hahaha. By the way, a while back there was a picture of Lisa on GoFugYourself that supposedly showed her like in high school with normal lips, but the before picture looked NOTHING like her, so I'm not sure they got that right. When I went back to find it, it wasn't there, so maybe they realized it was an error. I don't hate her, but she really bugs me with her "look at me! look at me!" antics. And her outfits do look funny on her, because her legs are so skinny.
Nice try with your guess for Legally Blonde, but that's not it. Read on for the correct answer...

Mom+Sis+Auntie, I like your confidence when you KNOW you have the right answer. Yes, yes, the line is from Steel Magnolias, another one of my all-time favorite tear-jerkers. What I like best about the movie is that it begins and ends with a happy event (a wedding and Easter) to show that the cycle of life will always go on. This particular line was uttered by Olympia Dukakis to Daryl Hannah. Per your request, I will put another recipe together for you. Congratulations!

Stay tuned, all, for another contest coming shortly.