Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Congratulations to Tam

Snaps to Tam for winning the movie line contest. The correct answer was Death Becomes Her. Good job!

The next movie line is: "Did any of you guys ever watch the show?"

Yummy chocolate to the winner. Good luck to all.

Today was ZimDee's first day back to school in big boy pants with no pull-ups. (I have learned to say "pants" or "underwear" for him 'cuz he's a guy. We called them "panties" with Girlie, and the Count informed me that that terminology just would not do for a boy.) Anyway, little Zim came through with flying colors! I took him to the bathroom in the classroom to make sure his bladder was empty and to show him where it was. When I picked him up, he had dry pants. His teacher said he went pee-dee in the toilet once during class. Yay! Hooray for ZimDee! And he poo-died in the toilet twice today at home. I know this because he calls for me when he's done: "Mom, come heeeeah!" Rest assured this has not turned into a potty blog, but I did want to share with you all Zim's great accomplishment. And now that he's potty trained, I can start thinking about swimming lessons for him.

I went to the movie tonight with Kitty-lover. It's great to catch up with friends. We saw "Fun With Dick and Jane" and I know that some people weren't all that fond of this movie, but as you all know, I'll see just about anything. I'm not that picky about movies at all. And this one had me laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. It was the part where Tea Leoni's face swelled up from the botox. Omigosh I laughed so hard I got a headache. Kitty-lover was laughing too, but she told me she was laughing more at me laughing than at the movie itself. Oh, I'm so easily entertained.

I caught Kitty-lover up on Monday night knitting group, so I'll fill you in. I can feel that teacher is trying to suck me in to signing up for another six week's round of classes. She had pictures taken of the group and pro-rated certain members of the class so that we all started and ended our sessions at the same time. I have paid up for two more sessions, and I'm done. I even practiced what I'm going to say with Kitty so they don't try to guilt me into re-signing up. After Monday's class, another member shared with me that she is disappointed with how the classes are going. I told her that they were not quite what I expected either, but left it at that. I have no time or inclination to start a big gossip thing going. I'd just like to finish with this group quietly and go where I really want to, which is Wednesday night knitting group at another store.

In other news, the Oscar nominations were announced today. Pity that the only movie that I've seen that has major nominations is Walk the Line. I would like to see both of the leads get the Academy Award for their performances. Brokeback Mountain got a lot of nominations. I know how that movie ends, and I'm way too tenderhearted to sit through it. Wait, I did see Paul Giamatti in Cinderella Man. Most people think he was robbed of a nomination last year. The Academy is notorious for rewarding Oscars the year after a shaft, so he may be a shoo-in. Unless Brokeback Mountain makes a complete sweep. Since I saw the fewest movies this year than I have in many years, it will be harder for me to lay odds. But you better believe I will be glued to my TV watching. I only wish I was watching it with my fabulous family in Chicago, passing out cheesy prizes to whoever guessed the winner correctly. We WILL do that again, and many more times, I promise.

I'll close this post with another picture of me and Sproutie. Look at his sweet little button nose.

Love to all.


Tam said...

Woo hoo! I won! :-) I have no clue about this new one though. Good luck to someone else.

I have 3 girls and one boy, in that order. It's hard to get the word "panties" out of the vocabulary after 3 girls. I have to bite my tongue to keep from telling the little man that he needs to stop "peeing in his panties". Actually, I try to bite my tongue but I usually just say it. Trying to quit! It is so different to have a boy. They say that boys take forever to potty train and now I have to agree. Mr "I'm Free years ode" still has a LOOOOONG way to go.

Tam said...

Hey, wait! Do I get some chocolate??

Anonymous said...

Hi Tam, Congratulations again, and yes, absolutely you get some chocolate. If you want to email me privately with your mailing address at kkmj@comcast.net I will get your prize on its way to you. By the way, all I had to do to "potty-train" Girlie (if you can even call it that with her--I now feel like I cheated) was to put a pair of Scooby Doo "panties" on her and tell her she now pottied in the toilet, not diapers. That was it. I wondered what all the other parents were complaining about. Boy what a fool I was...

Tim said...

Galaxy Quest was waaay to funny to be true. Although I was never a fan of any of the 20,000 Star Trek shows, it still tickled my funny bone like crazy. The person that absolutely MADE this movie was Sam Rockwell (who said the line in question). I like him in anything he does, and I'll even sit through Charlies Angels now and again just to watch him.

Bu tmy favorite line in the whole movie was said in the same scene as this one:

"Could they be the miners?"
"Sure. They're like, three years old."
"Miners, not minors!"
"You lost me."

Oh, boy too funny.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes Tim you are so right. Galaxy Quest is hilarious, and due in no small part to Sam Rockwell. I liked it also when he said "That's not right!". Another chocolate bar for you. *Love*

Tim said...

"There's a red thingy, heading towards the green thingy"

"I'm just jazzed about being on the show."

"I'm crewman number . . . Guy"


Anonymous said...

yes "mmmmGuy"
And you have to imagine the arm movements for this: "Well! Huh? Well there you are! Huh? Yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about! You...are the first people to see the lost Galaxy Quest episode 92 TWO PARTER since it was originally aired in 1982! Huh? Yeah! All Right!" Omigosh so funny.