Thursday, January 12, 2006

Congratulations to Mom+Sis+Auntie for winning the last movie line contest with Terms of Endearment. Snaps to you, grrrl. This movie won the acadamy award for best picture in 1983, and deservedly so. If you haven't seen it, go watch it. Now.

There's been much discussion in my household over the next movie line I'm using in the contest. The Count thinks it's too risque', but I argue that it's in good clean fun, and my readers are sophisticated enough to not get their feathers ruffled. But as a disclaimer, I will say that I post movie lines that I find personally amusing, and that have me chuckling long after the movie is over. No offense meant to anyone, I assure you.

With that having been said, tempting chocolate is the prize for the first correct entry, here is the movie line:

"Keep moving, cheesedick."

It's on again.

I have much knitting to do now, as Trophy Wife, my sister extraordinaire, has asked me to knit up a baby blanket for her to give as a gift. I've got to tell you, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it when someone asks me to knit something up for them (and says "I'll pay for the yarn"). That is probably one of my favoritest things to do ever.

I'm looking forward to all of your contest submissions.

My love to all.


Stephanie said...

Is it True Lies?? Oh I HOPE I'm right...

Mom+Sis+Auntie said...


Bruce Baby in "The Sixth Sense"?

Candy... candy... candy...!!!

Stephanie said...

OK, I tried to post a comment to guess your movie line Unka Shaina, but after like, THREE days it still hasn't shown up! So I'll say it again, I believe it is True Lies, when Tom Arnold shoots his gun at Bill Paxton's feet in his underwear. If it's not, I have NO clue!

Katrina said...

So sorry for not getting your comments sooner. I disabled the word verfication and comment moderation modes, so you shouldn't have any more trouble commenting. I would be so sad if you couldn't comment on my blog!
Very good guess, Stephny, well thought-out, but once again, Mom+Sis+Auntie wins the prize. Bruce Willis said this line in Sixth Sense when the guy working for Malcolm's wife was trying to get her to go to Amish country with him and she turned him down. Malcolm was looking out the window at the guy when he said the comment, as the guy was turning around trying to figure out what to do. Well done MSisA! *snaps*