Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mom+SIS+Auntie Wins Again!

Congratulations to precious Mom+SIS+Auntie for winning another movie line contest. The line was "We're in a tight spot" and the movie was O Brother Where Art Thou. Apparently an acquired taste, but one that I thought was very funny.

The next movie line is this:

"We're bad, we're cool, blah blah blah."

Good luck, everyone. The default prize is chocolate unless you have another do-able request.

Here is one of my favorite pictures so far of me and Sproutie:
I love him so.


Luv2ReedGrandma said...

Hey, little Mama, Knitter gal: Cute picture of the baby and you. I think your clogs are neat. Your comments on the knitting class delightful, because I met the people. How is your patience with the ZimDee? :) You need a trip to Shikaka I think. Take the sound and smell of Rain with you,,,,
Kudos to you.......Luv2ReedGma

Stephanie said...

CUUUUTTTE picture Unka Shaina. He's getting so huge! :-)

McKenna said...