Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Contest Update

Congratulations to Tim for winning the Galaxy Quest movie line quiz. Since I already have your address, your chocolate bar is on its way.

And congratulations to Tam for winning the Death Becomes Her movie line quiz. If you want to email me privately with your mailing address(at I will get your chocolate treat on its way to you.

Today is my last day for my free 28 day trial of computer SuDoku, then I'll have to pony up and pay the $14.95 for the full version. Apparently with this full version you have many more options, like being able to print the puzzles out whenever you want to. I'll give it a whirl.

Have a great day everyone.


Tim said...

What no new Movie Line? I thought I could win two in one day!! But that would betoo easy.

Tam said...

Dag-nab it!! I actually knew the Galaxy Quest one, too but I must have misread the quote. It's totally obvious to me now. Duh! My address is winging its way through the ether as we speak. That was the first day I ever read your blog and the first time I ever commenting and I already won something. Can't beat that!