Sunday, February 19, 2006

Two movie lines this time

Congratulations to Tim for winning the latest movie line contest from I Love You To Death. "Ok, ladies, let's go: Monopolyyyyyyyyyyyyy".

Here are the new movie lines up for consideration. I'm giving you two from the same movie this time:

"Don't bother me when I'm coloring, all right?!?"

"Bender? Nah, this isn't a bender. This is just night-time."

Good luck to one and all.

Yesterday I went to a knitting class on finishing techniques. While the teacher was low energy and tended to stray off-task, I at least learned what I needed to know to seam together sweaters and finish off buttonholes. She skimmed over blocking techniques: wet blocking vs. steam blocking. I have only done steam blocking, and I have a question for the more experienced knitters out there: what is your preferred method of blocking, and why? Your input is very welcomed and appreciated.

I like taking classes for the most part because it puts you together with other people who like to knit, and there's always something new to learn. And as much as I adore my children, any adult time I can get where I'm not pulled in 20 different directions is bliss for me.

I hope everyone is having a great day.


Tam said...

No clue on the movie lines. I've never heard of "I love you to death" so I guess I don't have to kick myself for missing that one. ha

I prefer wet blocking, myself. Give it a dip, roll it in a towel, lay it out and pin. I don't have a proper implement to steam anything with and I've had no success whatsoever with the spritzing method. The item comes out looking exactly the same as it did before I put 5 million pins in it. FRUSTRATING! Wet blocking works 100% of the time and you know the item is CLEAN. The thought of blocking all those hand oils and dirt into my item just doesn't appeal. Of course, I don't use cashmere or angora or anything that can't handle a little hand washing.

mamma said...

I'm a wet blocker as well. I don't have anything to steam with. Plus I like stepping on the towel to squeeze all the water out. The kids and I dance on it, and jump on it. It's a family affair.
Don't know the movie.