Monday, February 06, 2006

Hooray for Tim

Congratulations to Tim for winning the movie line contest from Bandits.

I can't believe it's already been 4 days since I last posted. The weekend just flew by. Every time I feel like I might have escaped from the hamster wheel, I have to jump right back on...

I've been working on a cardigan from Garnstudio that I saw knit up so beautifully by mamma on her blog. Do you want to know how many times I've had to rip it out and start all over again??? I have honestly lost count. But I think I've finally made it over the hurdle, and am well on my way to beautiful ribs and cables. Wish me luck!

ZimDee has kept up the potty-training well. We bought him a new Finding Nemo computer game, and he can already navigate on the computer better than his father the Count. I love this boy's sense of humor.

Girlie is doing great in 2nd grade. Ever since the day I found out I was pregnant with her, she has brought me nothing but joy. I love, love, love that sweet precious girl.

Sproutie is doing wonderfully. Growing so big, more and more every day. He is the most smilingest baby I have ever seen. I love that no matter how upset he may be, all I have to do is hold him and he snuggles right up and soaks up all the love I can give him. He finally let me take a picture of his two teeth on the bottom. But as much as he smiles, I can never get a picture of it, because the camera flash kind of freaks him out, so he always has sort of a surprised look in all of the pictures I take of him. Here goes:Look at those sweet little toofies!

Finally, a new movie line contest:

Guess which movie this line is from:

"The bond would wait for a lie. Sometimes in the middle of a lie, I would find that the bond would kick in and squeeze a little truth out."

Good luck, babies.

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Tam said...

Ah, more Meryl Streep movies. :-)

Defending Your Life

Very silly, dead movie. I got my chocolate, thank you very much. I'll just play for the thrill of victory from now on. :-)