Sunday, February 12, 2006

Yay for Tam

Well, that didn't take long! Snaps to Tam for winning the movie line contest for The Stand. You see, liars sit in chairs. Truth tellers hunker down. M-O-O-N, that spells moon. And M&M's spell out Tam's prize. Congratulations.

Here is the next movie line, possibly obvious, but fun anyway:

"You'll shoot your eye out."

Good luck, all.

In Knitting Olympics news, I'm making good progress on the hat. The pattern is starting to become intuitive where I don't have too think about it as I go along. I love it when that happens. Here is a progress photo:
I spread the stitches apart on the needle so you can see the pattern better. It obviously would have been longer by now, but our visit to the frog pond yesterday got in the way of that. I'm getting very excited to see how the finished product looks on little Girlie.

Not to make friends and family in colder climates jealous, but the weather here has been just beautiful lately. The sun has been out all week, though the wind has been blowing hard and it's still cold. But the sun shining through has given me spring fever and has really been good for my spirit. It's amazing what a little sunshine will do.


mamma said...

I'm first I'm first I'm first. And I even know this one, sort of. I used to sit beside a girl in high school who was always chanting this around christmas. She said it was from "A Christmas Story" If I'm wrong it's not my fault, as I've never seen that movie, and the girl in question was not the brightest bulb in the pack. But I'll risk the humiliation of an obviously wrong guess for the chance for more of that yummy chocolate.

Tam said...

Darn, Mamma beat me. I was gonna go for a two-fer. I just saw a preview for that movie day before yesterday. We went to see Narnia and they had one of those "Buy these classic movies on DVD" montages before the "feature presentation". That movie cracks me up.

As far as The Stand is concerned. It is one of my most quoted movies/books. I've read the book about a zillion times (abridged and unabridged versions, thank you very much) and "M-O-O-N" spells just about everything in my house. In response my husband always says, "Laws, yes!". haha The guy they had playing Flagg (the speaker of that line) in the mini-series was VERY creepy. Not what I had in mind, but pretty good. I especially HATED that gal from "Just Shoot Me" that they had playing Nadine. She was wretched. Molly Ringwald as Frannie was pretty horrible too. I've recast that movie 100 times in my imagination. That one along with "It", another great Stephen King story turned into a casting nightmare. (end of Roger Ebert moment) ;-)

Lovely knitting, sorry about the frog pond incident. I hate when that happens. I'm jealous of your weather (ours is freeeeeeezing) but, on the other hand, my weather is great for knitting!

Stephanie said...

The sun really can do amazing things, Unka Shaina! It heals my mood incredibly. Today, it is very very cold outside and the hard winds certainly don't help, but the sun is out nonetheless, and I'm ecstatic. If it were just a few degrees warmer I'd ask my mom to go for a walk with me or something. Love that stuff.

sigh... my Unka Shaina, knitting like a pro! heheh very fun. I'm always excited to see your new projects and stuff. Please keep posting up pictures of them! Very neat.

Yea, i love your pictures though Unka Shiana. Especially the ones of my lil cousins! McKenna and Jimmy are more and more shaping into very nice BIG KIDS! Not children... they're KIDS man! hahah I'm not sure if there's a difference but to me there is. Sprout is mighty adorable. I wanna squeeze him very much. Can't wait to see you guys again. Love you!