Monday, February 27, 2006

Has it really been 5 days?

Wow. I can't believe it's been five days since my last post. There must be something to the way of thinking that an artist is more prolific when suffering, because my mom came for a visit last Thursday and just left today, and no posts from me. I actually have been very productive on the knitting front, which I will share with you. I've been working a lot on completing knitting the projects I've started, and seaming up those that have been waiting, and blocking. It's very feng shui to get these things out of the way, I've learned.

First of all, here are some precious pictures of my mom and her grandbabies. Funny that I don't have any of Drammies with ZimDee, though. They played a lot, but ZimDee's a lot like the Tazmanian devil these days, and is constantly spinning. I'm convinced that he was there when the camera snapped the photo, but spun off before it could capture his image.

I was able to knit the hat that my mom wanted while we sat and visited, and she was able to immediately try it on. Instant gratification. Here it is on her head:
and not: This is my fourth hat knit with Noro Silk Garden (45% Silk, 45% Mohair, 10% Lamb's Wool) and it is fabulous for that purpose. It knits up fast because the colors actually hypnotize you, I think.

Next, I finally seamed up a baby sweater that I knit last fall. The pattern is the raglan sweater from The Baby Knits book by Debbie Bliss. And here is my shameful confession: it is knit with Rowan Cashsoft (57% Extra Fine Merino, 33% Microfibre, 10% Cashmere). Please don't yell at me, I didn't know what I was doing at the time. I was still pretty inexperienced, and just blindly used whatever yarn the pattern called for. Now I know that cottons, acrylics, and wools are much more reasonable to use for children's clothing for washability if you want said child to wear the garment more than once in their lifetime. Perhaps I'll just put it on him for pictures. Or chalk it up to a learning experience when he spills green beans all down the front of it. But now that it's finished, it is quite snuggly and yummy and all those things that cashmere should be. So I have no choice but to enjoy it, don't you think?

And here is Tim's scarf peacefully blocking. I can't show you too much of it right now because it is a gift, and he doesn't know about the illusion. I want him to discover it all on his own without my telling him, and call me up all surprised from Chicago when he sees what he thinks he sees, and proclaim me a genius. More pictures on the finished product to come in a few days, after I get that particular phone call. Aren't you so excited? Me too.

And finally, the piece de resistance (ha-had to spell check that): Sproutie's sweater to match his leggings. You saw this blocking in the last post. Again, this is made out of Rowan Wool Cotton from a pattern in Erika Knight's Simple Knits for Cherished Babies. And here he is modeling it for you. Isn't he a sight to behold?Do you see what Sproutie is looking at in that last picture? Look closely, and you'll see ZimDee's face pressed against the inside net of the playpen. No joke, Girlie and ZimDee use this thing much more than Sproutie ever does. If it keeps them quiet, who am I to judge?

Finally, I guess I picked a movie for the contest this time that nobody has seen. Before giving up, I'm now going to tell you the two main actors in this movie, which was made in 1990: Mel Gibson and Robert Downey, Jr. Does that help at all? Please somebody win this chocolate before I turn into Cookie Monster and eat it all myself.

Love to all.


mamma said...

lol over the cashsoft. I love cashsoft. I made my drops cardigan in cashsoft. I bet it makes for a cuddly baby in that sweater. It is beautiful, such a pretty color. Sproutie is so cute in the cotton outfit. I wish I could get my baby to wear the things I knit.
How much Noro does it take to make a hat? I've been gifted with a skien of Silk Garden, but I wasn't sure if it was enough to make a hat.
Is the movie American Air? I think that was the name of that movie with Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. I could be wrong. I could google it, but that would be cheating.

Tim said...

Your so close mamma, but you have it backwards. its Air America, I don't want to steal your prize though.
I've only seen this movie once, so I cant recall any specific lines from it.

mamma said...

go ahead take the chocolate. My big butt doesn't need any more ;) And I was wrong. I might have to see Air America now. Those lines were pretty funny.

Tam said...

Oh, Sproutie looks wonderful in his new fancy clothes. He looks so warm and comfy. He's just saved from girlie cuteness by the manly color of that yarn. Give him a big smooch for me. He's lucky I don't live nearby. I'd be slobbering all over him!

I've never seen Air America but I'm glad someone finally guessed it! I'm ready for you to put one up "I" know. (I ate all the M&Ms and need a new pack. hehehe)

Stephanie said...

ADORABLE baby sweaters! Save those for me when I breed children will ya? :-)

Luv2ReedGrandma said...

Oh, that picture with ZimDee in the playpen is Funny! Nice knitting projects, too, of course. Now you've got me trying to knit again. Love you lots, gmaK