Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Today I made a lot of progress on the finishing work for two baby sweaters that I knit last fall. I had said before that I wanted to wait until I felt more confident in my finishing techniques before ruining the sweaters I spent so much time knitting. So after taking that class last Saturday and getting some valuable input from my more experienced knitting friends (thanks again to mamma and Tam), I set out to try to get them done before they are too small for Sproutie to fit into. Here is my first foray into wet blocking: This is an unusual sweater designed by Erika Knight that is actually knit in one piece. That's why it looks so funny pinned down. It is knit in wool/cotton, and it is the matching shirt to the leggings I just finished for Sproutie. I'll have more on the particulars when I get it seamed up. But I'm so proud of myself for diving in and getting it done. (doing the happy dance now). I've blocked before, mind you, but with steam and in the back room of the local yarn store with help. Now I've graduated to doing it all by myself. I feel so self-sufficient.

Tam asked for a picture of the newly felted Rowan Aura hat for Girlie. Except I don't know if I'd actually call it felted, because Rowan Calmer is a cotton/acrylic blend, not wool. I just counted on the cotton content giving some shrinkage, which it did. And it made the stitches pudgier, for lack of a better word. Girlie likes its softness now. Here is the picture of the two hats together. I don't know if the camera shows much difference. The shrunken one is on the right.

And today I also discovered a great way to be able to fold my laundry without Sproutie getting separation anxiety. Yes, he is now at that stage where I can't get more than three feet away from him without him crying. So here is what I came up with: He's playing with his little fishy here. It seems to make him happy. Oh, I love him so.


mamma said...

wohoo! way to go blocking the sweater. Can't wait to see it seamed.

You've done a bad thing letting sprout play in the laundry basket. My kids love to play in my laundry baskets, and half the time when I go to do laundry I have no baskets for laundry because they're all full of kids, or trains. ;)

Still stuck on the movie

Tam said...

The sweater is LOOKIN' GOOD! I've seen sweaters constructed like that but I haven't made one. I plan to, though. I love the idea of making things in one piece (I've done that using other methods) because I'm a big lazy bum when it comes to finishing. The less finishing the better is my motto.

Ahhhh look at Sproutie. It always makes me wistful to look at him because my youngest just turned THREE. (sniff) My days of little Sprouties in laundry baskets are done. My little "Spiderman" likes to do his superhero jump into laundry baskets. Now I know why they are all broken to bits. sigh.

Just FYI, I have a blog now. :-)

My last blog was on blogger and I wasn't terribly thrilled so I decided to try blog city. I'm still a dufus so it's nothing fancy but you can see MY knitting. ;0)

Tim said...

Sorry, Im really at a loss for what that movies is. Line number three is VERY familiar, but Im drawing a huge and disapointing blank.

Stephanie said...

Oh man I remember laundry baskets being my FAVORITE place to sit in when I was little. SO FUN! those hats!

Tricia said...

Very cute pictures. Sorry I havent been able to call you back. Been SO busy, but you know how that goes! heehee