Thursday, February 16, 2006

Additional Clue

It seems that the line I quoted from the current movie line contest is a bit obscure. I will now add another line to help you all out. The old line is this:

"Friends slow down. They even stop."

Another line from the same movie is:

"It's an electric ear cleaner."


"When I was born, Grover Cleveland was President."


"Chicken's burning. Damn, that looked good too."

and finally:

"If she's so brilliant, then why is she sitting in our neighbor's car?"

This is getting fun. Good luck to one and all.


Mom+Sis+Auntie said...

I love EVERY line in this movie.

Now you've done it...I'll have to pull it from the library and make a bowl of popcorn tonight.

By the way, did you catch Drew's Rumba number last night? My knees went weak and I had to rewind about 10 times.

Tim said...

yeah she did rewind it last night.

I heard "Total Eclipse of the Heart" Ten times from my room.

Tam said...

I've never seen Parenthood but everyone I know quotes it. I guess I should see it, huh?

I enjoyed your last post about Sproutie and Girlie. My oldest and youngest (ten years apart) are seriously bonded too. I think the "older sister, baby brother" think makes for a beautiful relationship. I'm 5 years older than my
"baby" brother and we got along wonderfully growing up.

Another great hat! You really can't go wrong with that Noro yarn.