Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Of Dinosaurs, Babies, and Hats

Yesterday was a school holiday, and my babies and I hung out all day in our pajamas. I love days like that. The babies played and I knit, and the world was right. Here are some pictures of the things we did: Girlie set up her dinosaurs to play, just so:Then I asked her to entertain baby Sproutie so I could *gasp* fold the laundry. Here is proof of her entertaining him: Look at this scary face! I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but my kids hate it when I do housework. Could it be that it makes me grumpy or sum'in? Anyway, while Girlie was playing with Sprout, ZimDee decided he should get in on the dinosaur action. Thankfully he didn't go for the same big ones as Girlie. She has relegated some smaller, lesser ones for his enjoyment. She is the oldest, you understand, and pecking orders are intricate and as old as time, and not mine to fight. I am the 3rd child, as I've said before, and I was born into a world where the biggest toy, the newest clothes, and the unbroken cookie were distant dreams. I automatically accepted my place. So I hide and watch as my kids fall into these roles. And while ZimDee occasionally makes a grab for what Girlie thinks is rightfully hers, he usually comes to accept (as I did in my childhood) that these things are her birthright. And you must remember that he's got a baby brother growing up that he can claim 2nd bests over. But don't you worry, as a 3rd child, I am sensitive to Sproutie's plight. There will be days when big brother and sissy are in school that secret ice cream cones and candies will be had. You can be sure of that.

Anyway, since I interrupted Girlie's playing to ask her for help, it was oh so helpful that ZimDee found other related toys to play with instead. Though he did knock over the T-Rex poised over an unsuspecting victim (notice in picture) Zim was quite satisfied to let the little ones duke it out. Let's check out the carnage: By the way, ZimDee is wearing flannel pajamas lovingly sewn by his wonderful Dram-Drams.

And after all was said and done, I had two very exhausted boys on my hands. Tired boys who sleep are good boys. Look at what I found when I peeked in:

Ohhh, that just makes me melt.

So it was a great day.

In knitting news, I'd like to thank Tam and mamma for weighing in on the blocking issue. Your input is appreciated.

I've been knitting a lot of hats lately. It's probably due to the arctic weather that is lingering here. I've now made a total of three hats out of the Noro Silk Garden: one for the Count, one for MovieMan, and I had just enough left over from their hats to make one for myself. Here is ZimDee modelling it.

He and I wear the same size hat because his noggin is so big. He wore it to school today, and I don't mind sharing. He looks completely adorable in it.

Girlie was mentioning that her Rowan Aura hat felt kind of big, so I knit a smaller one. And because I had nothing to lose, I threw the first one in the wash and shrunk it. She likes the shrunken one best because she says it's softer. That leaves the other one for me, maybe. It doesn't look half bad. But we'll see. I know a lot of people who would like that hat. And I even have enough yarn left over to make one more...

Remember there is a movie line contest in the works. Here are the two lines currently up for consideration:

"Don't bother me when I'm coloring, all right?!?"

"Bender? Nah, this isn't a bender. This is just night-time."

And because I love you guys so much, here are two more lines from the same movie:

"It's just that I'm used to being the weirdest guy in the room, and all of a sudden I'm not even in the running."

"Holiday Inn. Southern California. Own and Operate."

Good luck to all.


Stephanie said...

Aunt Katrina I just love the pictures you post! It just bring warmth to my heart watching my cute little cousins growing up so sweet. I wanna squeeze them terribly!

NOPE, don't know the stinkin' movie this week either. sigh...

mamma said...

That picture of your boys is just too sweet. There's nothing better than babies sleeping.

No clue as to the movie quote, but I'm very curious about it.

Tam said...

Still no idea on the movie. After all those lines I'm betting I've never seen this one. I'd probably recognize it by now if I had!

What widdle sweetie pies you have. It just makes you want to smooch their little faces. My youngest never takes naps anymore so I have to sneak in early in the morning or at night if I want to see THAT kind of a picture. sigh

We need a picture of your newly felted Rowan hat! I want to see how it turned out.

Luv2ReedGrandma said...

Yep, it's time for Dram Dram to come squeeze some babies. And their mommie. And have Jamba Juice. See you tomorrow, GmaK