Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all. I had a lot of fun decorating the house this year. I want my kids to remember how fun Valentine's Day can be.
The Count even ponied up and got me some flowers, with some help from Girlie. I do love fresh flowers.I hope everyone had a lovely day.

Congratulations to mamma for winning the movie line contest from As Good As it Gets. You are now on a roll. Care to try for 3 in a row?

The new movie line contest is this:

"I can't deal with cleaning up. Let's just sell the house."

(My sentiments exactly, by the way, hahahhaa).

In Knitting Olympics news, we now have a hat. I wasn't sandbagging, I swear, when I chose this project. I thought it was going to be a lot harder than it was. And the seaming up was even a breeze. Look at how precious it looks on Girlie:
So in Olympic fashion, my short program is completed. Some events finish early in the Olympics and are done in the first week. This happens to be one of them. But I will continue knitting to stay in top form. Thanks to all who shared in my victory.


mamma said...

That hat looks great. Way to win the gold in the first week! Overachiever ;)
I don't know that quote, but I like how they think.

Tam said...

Hi! I'm back from a ski trip. :-) My answer to yesterday's question:
For Flagg I always pictured someone very tall with dark hair and preferably dark skin. An Indian (native American) or an indistinctly Black man would be great. I can't get the guy who played him in the mini series out of my head now. I've considered Samuel L Jackson but he's not quite right.

For Stu I used to want Kevin Costner. I think he could do that "good old boy" thing very well. I always picture Stu with a piece of hay in his mouth. Kind of a Marboro man. I think Tom Selleck could have done him too. That's the problem with most of my picks- I've been thinking about his for MANY years and most of my first picks are now too old! If it was made now I'd like Viggo Mortenson (a la Hidalgo) or maybe Ewen McGregor. He has the right look and he does a good American accent.

For Frannie I always wanted Meg Ryan. Again, to old now. I think Anne Hathaway has the right innocence-on-the-surface, steely resolve underneath thing to pull it off. Jennifer Garner would also be good. I'd rather see a blonde or a redhead, though. I think, looks wise, they weren't far off with Molly Ringwald but she's SUCH A TWIT. Totally wrong personality wise.

I'd dearly love to see Eartha Kitt be mother Abigail. She's always been my choice and in this case, the older the better! I think Ruby Dee did a great job, but I think Mother Abigail had an otherworldly almost-creepiness in the book that Ruby Dee didn't quite capture. I think Eartha could.

I always pictured Nick as a Black guy, don't ask me why but Rob Lowe really did a great job in the mini series. The guy who played Tom Cullen stepped directly out of my imagination and onto the screen. I think Angelina Jolie would be an amazing Nadine. She has that perfect balance of being able to be demure and mysterious (as Nadine is early in the story) but she could break out and really be the hot item that so sorely tempts Larry at the end and who is worthy of the Dark Man going to all that trouble to save for himself. I also think Liv Tyler could do Nadine. I think the Italian gal they had playing Nadine would have made a good Lucy Swan (kind of trailer park trash makes good) or the trampy girl Nick has sex with at the drug store. (though the girl they had doing that part was pretty good too.)

I've never seen anyone who matches my mental image of Harold and the guy who tried in the mini series didn't do him justice. I loved Matt Frewer as Trashcan man. He replaced whatever image I had before. I think the guy who played Lloyd was fine but I think someone even tougher looking like Danny Trejo (uncle Machete on Spy Kids) would be even better.

You opened Pandora's box on this one. This probably won't even post!

ps no clue on that movie quote

Tam said...

Wow! It did post. Oh yeah, that is a wonderful hat! What a gorgeous daughter. I'm tempted to make that hat for my middle daughter. She'd have a fit over it. I see you've got that wonderful Asian mix thing going on with your kids. We have the also-gorgeous Black/White kids over here. Multi-ethnic kids are just the absolute cutest, excuse my totally biased opinion!

Stephanie said...

Unka Shaina that hat is PERFECT! No really it looks fantastic. How long did it take for you to finish that hat? Didn't you JUST start it?! Very cool! McKenna should be a model, ok? Look! She's already got some experience posing with your knittings!

Tim said...

okay heres the answer everybody!!!

Apollo 13


"So long, Earth. Catch you on the flip side."

Luv2ReedGrandma said...

Beautiful hat; beautiful model. You do good work!