Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Somebody Finally Won!!

Yay! Somebody finally won the movie line contest for Air America. And it was two somebodies, in fact. Both of whom claim that the other should receive the chocolate. What to do? Award chocolate to both! So treats are on their way to Tim and mamma. Well done. Now go back and watch the movie--it really is hilarious. Especially the coloring book scene in the back of the plane. Watch it for that if nothing else.

Here is the new movie line for you to guess. This one should be considerably easier:

"It vexes me. I'm terribly vexed."

That line always makes me giggle. I'm still determined to use it in my everyday life, if I could but find just the right opportunity. I could use it with my kids, since they are the ones that seem to "vex" me every day, but they wouldn't know what the heck I was talking about. Maybe if Girlie's teacher makes me mad at school, or when arguing with the phone company over my bill? The Count would just laugh at me if I used it with him, but then again, that's the point, right?

In knitting news, Tim's scarf blocked beautifully. I don't always block scarves, but this one is special, remember? Now all I have to do is weave in the ends and it will be on its way to Shikaka (Trophy Wife and beloved Sister's name for Chicago).

Mamma had a question about how many skeins of Noro Silk Garden yarn it took to make a hat. For me, personally, it takes one skein for an average size head if I cast on 80 stitches with size six 12" circular needles and start decreasing when the knitting reaches 6" in length. If you do make a hat out of the yarn you were gifted with, I can't wait to see a picture of it on your blog.

While I have been typing this up, little Sproutie has been playing so nicely in his papasan chair. He's been laughing and talking to me, and I wanted to get a great picture to show you his cute little smile. Unfortunately, there is no getting that perfect Sproutie smile with my digital camera. The flash freaks him out, so this is all I ever get after 40 shots: I think it's because the little orange light blinks and tips him off. So I tried to take pictures without the flash, and this is all I get because of the settings and movement. I know just enough technology to get something to work, but I don't know how or why. He's still cute blurry anyway.

Have a great day all.


Stephanie said...

ohhh what a happy baby...!

Stephanie said...

Oh! ok I'm not sure but I'll guess Nine Months for the movie. I don't know it't the first thing that came to my head.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephny, great to see you again! Thanks for guessing on the movie line, but Nine Months is not it. You have seen this movie before, though, I know it.

I would be happy to save hand-knit garments for your spawn, though I imagine that I will be knitting things especially for your babies when the time comes.

A hat is coming your way...one of the Olympic ones you commented on in an earlier post. Please send me a picture of your adorable self in it when you get the chance. I wonder who will end up with it after all, you or your mom? Whatever, it will look great on both of you. And then you guys can be twins with Girlie. Love you lots!

Stephanie said...

YOU MADE ME A HAT!?!? awwww that's so sweet! I can't wait till it gets here! I was just thinking i could really use a hat... awesome.

Tim said...

OH MAN! That scarf is gonna be flippin awesome!!! I needed it thes past few windy days. I do live in the Windy City, after all.