Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sweet days

Congratulations to mamma for winning the movie line contest from Silence of the Lambs. Anthony Hopkins was absolutely brilliant in the role of Hannibal Lector. His Academy Award was well-deserved. And so is your chocolate, mamma.

Guess which movie this next line is from:

"Friends slow down. They even stop."

The movie that this line is from is very rich in witty, funny lines, so if you're having a problem with this, let me know, and I'll be happy to give you other lines as hints.

In knitting news, I finished MovieMan's hat. Here are some pictures of Girlie modelling it for you. The colors are out of this world, and I tried the hat on myself, finding it very warm indeed. It is knit, of course, out of Noro Silk Garden. It looks fabulous on Girlie, which is not surprising, but it also looks pretty decent on me, which is surprising, because I usually don't like the look of hats on me. And I happen to have just enough yarn left to knit one for myself. This I will do after I've finished my mom's hat, and Tim's scarf, and ZimDee's hat, and made more progress on the Drops pattern cardigan.On to the particulars of this hat: knit on size 6 Addi Turbo 16" circular needles, and size 6 short bamboo dpn's. I cast on 80 stitches. I knit 10 rows of seed stitch for the band. (Seed stitch is my favorite stitch to look at--not always to do). Then I switched to stockinette stitch (which is just knitting on circular needles) until the hat measured 6 inches long. I started decreasing as such: (knit 6, k2 tog); knit one row; (knit 5, k2 tog); knit one row; etc. until there were, what, 7-8 stitches left on the needles, then thread the yarn through those stitches and pulled tight. This is my default hat pattern, and it is my favorite.

Sproutie is 8 months old today. I have mixed feelings about my last baby growing up.

Guess who is becoming sweet friends? It is my Girlie and Sproutie. They have this special little bond. It completely warms my heart to see how much they adore each other. They will sit and play for hours just because they love each other's company. They are fond of ZimDee, too, but they are drawn to each other. Here are some pictures I took of them today. Yes, that is Sproutie sitting by himself, wearing his first pair of blue jeans and also modelling a sweater lovingly knit by his late great-grandma Lyn:

I also am the third child, like Sproutie, and it was always my oldest sister (like Girlie!) who protected me and loved me and made sure I knew I was never alone. Now that we live far apart from each other (most definitely not by choice) my sister's love is all the more precious to me. I wish that for my kids. You'll never know how much.


Tim said...

by the looks of it, it seems Girlie needs another haircut.
I think the last time I saw her it was that long, then it was cut to below the shoulders, now its that long again!! Oh dear its been too long.
But I most definately prefer to see a clear view of her beautiful eyeballs.

Oh, and I don't know what the movie is.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tim, it seems like Girlie's hair grows about an inch a day.

And if you don't know what the movie is from that line, probably no one will. I will leave another line for an additional clue without trying to give it away.

Love you Muchly.