Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Knitting Olympics

Ok so I'm a dork. I've said it before. I'm saying it now because I've joined the Knitting Olympics (which is a good thing) but what I'm dorkusing on is how to get the button onto the sidebar of this blog. Any technical input from anyone who knows how to do this would be very much appreciated.

Speaking of the Knitting Olympics, I waited until the last second to join because, well, frankly, I do Olympic style knitting every night. See Katrina maneuver her knitting needles around nursing baby and three year old who is trying to sit on said baby's head while helping second grader with homework and handling the Count's business paperwork...uh oh, she's momentarily flustered by the what's for dinner question, followed by the have you seen my work pants inquiry...she's stabilized again, but wait, three year old has to pee-dee in the toilet and needs help and the Count is nowhere to be found...she's up again, but now baby is crying...and she's off again...

The project I signed up for is the Rowan Aura hat for Girlie. If it turns out well, another may find its way over to Chicago...

In less crazy times I would have signed up for the Garnstudio cardigan, but I already cast on for that and there's no way I'm ripping any of those hard-won stitches out and starting over for the millionth time.

And now I will share progress on the Noro Silk Garden hat for MovieMan. Aren't those colors just fabulous? Double-click on the picture to get the full effect. (I didn't realize that would enlarge the pictures until Zim-Dee started messing around with my computer, which is a big no-no. Some things have got to stay sacred.) (ha ha but I wouldn't have known about this trick otherwise...) (then again, maybe it only works on my computer, I don't know).

Any takers on my latest movie line quiz? About rue-age? Scroll down to the last post to get the full line.

I will end this post with some pictures of sweet ZimDee putting his Cookie Monster Valentine's together for his preschool class.
Isn't he adorable?

Much love to all.


Stephanie said...

Those are by far the coolest valentine's day grams i've ever seen! All i remember doing when i was zimdee's age was putting those cheap candy hearts in paper envelopes... wow, he's becoming quite the craftsman. I hope that when he's my age, he'll be like one of those very artistic guys who are too shy to talk to the ladies, but that's ok because the ladies will be all over him!!! I just love the shy artists... is it just me? they're HOT!

Katrina said...

hahahaha Stephny, it so makes me chuckle to think that one day the girls will think of my little stinky ZimDee as hot! hahahaha. And thank you for saying the Valentines look cool. Actually, with me for a mom, there's no way the kids could give out regular cards. I always have to spice them up. If you want to talk about cheesy, their Valentines this year came plain in a box and didn't even have envelopes! So I pulled out the bags with pink hearts that I bought before they were born (for someday just in case I had chillun's of my own) and had them put Hershey's kisses and a pencil in with their Valentine card. Those were always my favorite Valentines to get when I was in school: the ones with goodies in them. And Zim really did have a great time putting them together. In the middle of it, I will admit that I was quite stressed because I was worried that he would be late for school, and Sproutie was whining and pulling on me and drooling, but I'm so glad I took those pictures, because ZimDee looks so sweet. It makes me think of what my kids will actually remember about these occasions. I hope they hold on to their childish playfulness, and not always remember their mom as a raving lunatic. I have my moments.

Luv2ReedGrandma said...

oooooooooohhhhhhhh I like those colors on that hat! I would like for you to make me one. I would wear it these frosty mornings.
What a neat thing, to have you have Zimmy put together those cute valentine bags! He does love to do those detail things; he is my valentine. You put sunshine in your kid's lives, and make things fun.
And Congratulations for joining the Knitting Olympics. (Aren't you busy enough) I am so proud of you.