Friday, February 10, 2006

Hats and the Olympics

Before the Olympics get started, I wanted to share the progress of the Noro Silk Garden. I can't say enough about the beautiful colors this yarn has. Tam said it perfectly when she mentioned staying up all night knitting just to see what color the yarn turns next. The Count and I had a terse "discussion" about this at 3am yesterday/last night/this morning. I feel that he was coming off as judgmental and bossy. I'm not ready to give up my late night/wee morning hours of knitting. I consider it crucial therapy. After all the day long being pulled this way and that by my wonderful children, I'm so ready to have "me" time. I'm not out carousing in the bars or casinos for goodness sake, I'm at home in my jammies knitting. Word to the Count: deal with it. I don't think he wants to see what I would be like if I didn't have this creative outlet.

Anyway, I finished the hat intended for MovieMan, nephew extraordinaire, and realized that it would be too big for him. But guess who it would fit perfectly? Yes, the Count. He does have a pretty big noggin. Here is the finished product:I do love the guy with all my heart, disagreements or no.

And since I promised a lovely silk blend hat to MovieMan, I cast on another hat for him. Here is the progress:If I have any "complaint" at all about the Noro Silk Garden, it would be the random little slivers of sticks or something that I have to keep pulling out when I knit it. Does anyone else have this problem? Where do those come from? It's a small price to pay to work with such loveliness, in my opinion.

I called my mom this afternoon and she said she fell in love with the colors of the Noro and would definitely wear a hat like that if I was so inclined to make her one. And I am so inclined. But this time I get to let loose. I had a hard time picking out skeins of the Noro with strictly masculine colors for the guys, so I went all out for her. Look at this magnificent force of nature:Unfortunately, though, mommy, you'll have to wait until I'm done with the Olympics. Here is a picture of my Olympian project and the yarn I'm using. The pattern is Aura by Kim Hargreaves and I'm using Rowan Calmer (75% cotton, 25% acrylic) which is what the pattern calls for. This hat will look adorable beyond words on Girlie. I can't wait to present her with it.

There is still a movie line contest on the table. If this one proves too hard, I will give some hints once I get guesses in from a majority of my players.

*Love to all*


Luv2ReedGrandma said...

Beautiful. Nice Olympian project also. LuvU Topeka, K

mamma said...

gimme a hint, gimme a hint. I can hear it being said, I'm just drawing a blank.

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Tam said...

Lovely, lovely hat. My husband has FINALLY caught on about my knitting. I go to my "knit nite" every Wednesday and come back a new woman. Now that he's "got it" he's great about it. A calm, relaxed, friendly wife is much better than having his head bitten off. haha

Noro is famous for the bits of "VM" (vegetable matter) found in it. Kureyon is usually worse. The Silk Garden I've used (and am using for my sweater-in-progress) seems to actually have LESS than I usually find in Kureyon. It's gotten better over the years too, apparently. The first time I ever used Kureyon (several years ago) it had GOBS of what looked like sticks and straw in it. The colors make it all worthwhile, though. Case in point, that skein for your mom's hat. It just makes me drool.

I haven't tried "calmer" yet. I'm afraid I'll love it too much. All I need is to fall in love with another stinking expensive yarn. sheesh. I'll await your review of the yarn and live vicariously through your experience.