Thursday, May 25, 2006

Congratulations to Jennifer

Congratulations to Jennifer for winning the movie line contest from X Men. I agree that our Mr. Hugh makes this movie completely watchable. Email your mailing address to me at kkmj at comcast dot net, Jennifer, and I will send your prize on its way.

The next movie line up for consideration comes all the way back from 1985. Can you guess what movie this came from?

"Don't disturb my friend. He's dead tired."

The Count would really like this movie, let's put it that way. Alyssa Milano appeared in this movie as a little girl.

Good luck to all.

Steady progress is being made on my Mock Croc socks. It's getting easier and easier, though I would still rate the sock addiction meter as very very low. Give me time, I suppose. It does involve yarn, after all.

Look who's becoming such a big little man all of a sudden. I swear he changes a little more every day. Try not to be in too much of a hurry, my little heart.
Your mommy loves you so.


Angela Martínez said...

He is adorable!

On the socks- I'm about half-way through my heel on the first sock, and it's becoming much easier and much more enjoyable. I think I'm just afraid of trying something new, but once I'm there, it's all good. Now to learn how to knit socks on circs so I can lose the feeling of holding a hedgehog!

I think I might have caught the sock buzz, but I'm not sure yet. Get back to me when it's time to cast on for the mate.

Seriously, I know you've had a rough start with this one, and I admire your ability to just keep pressing on.

Jennifer said...

Just wait a little longer. The sock bug will bite hard.

tanya said...


he is SUCH an adorable baby! And as a segue (?) so are my leggings of which i will send you a jpg this weekend!!!! I know. I cannot believe they are finished either. Thankyou so very much for you patience at my goofy questions.

Sandy Cheeks said...

He looks just like ZimDee

Stephanie said...

I love the look he has. Kind of like, "Mamma, I love ya... but why you got to take my picture all the time?" heehee

Movie line sounds very familiar! But of course I'm just not able to place it. I'll ponder on it for awhile. :-)

Secret Buddy said...

He is going to be so handsome when he grows up.

Stephanie said...

Ok, no one has guessed the movie title yet so I'm going to take a shot here. I'm thinking that if The Count likes this movie, then it's GOT to have a lot of action, and most likely includes either Arnold Schwartsenager (sp?) or Jackie Chan.... ok I'm gonna go with Ahnold and guess Predator. eek! I hope I'm close at least... :-/

Katrina said...

Stephny! You are so right! You have the Count pegged. It definitely IS an action movie, starring...Ahnold! It's not Predator, but it does have a one-word title, and it was made before Predator. It starts with a C. Does that help anyone out there? This candy prize is starting to look pretty good over here.

Sandy Cheeks said...

Comander? I think so.

Sandy Cheeks said...

no, Commando.