Wednesday, May 10, 2006

We Finally Have a Winner!!

Congratulations to Dani for winning the movie line contest!! It is indeed Citizen X. I'm sorry that my clues misled you a bit--HBO aired the movie in 1995, and it was released on video in 1996. This movie was based on a book by the same name (at least the first part), though apparently it used to just go by "The Killer Department" instead of "Citizen X: The Killer Department". I'm sorry for the confusion. Thanks for hanging in there, y'all. Very well done, Dani! Chocolate is the prize of choice, unless you have issues like the fear of it melting in your mailbox this time of year. Let me know. If you would like to email your snail mail address to me at kkmj at comcast dot net, I will get your well-deserved prize on its way to you.

The next movie line up for consideration is:

"I'm from wherever won't get me hit."

Good luck to all.

1 comment:

msubulldog said...

Oooooh! I just watched that one! It's Miracle. :)