Sunday, May 07, 2006

Picking up the Sticks

I finally picked up my knitting needles last night and whipped out an adorable project for my Secret Pal. But since it's secret, I can't show you. Suffice it to say, it turned out beautifully. I am participating in three different swaps: The Knitting Vacation Swap (which is not secret), the One Skein Secret Pal, and Secret Pal 8. I've been having a lot of fun gathering information and trinkets for my pals. I hope they like them!

It seems that this movie line contest is a little bit challenging. I thought it might be. The first line is:

"And let me just say: together the two of you make a wonderful person."

Here are some additional lines for clues:

"Have you nowhere to go?"

"Is this man crrrying?"

Maybe those will help. If not, I will leave even more clues later.

My mother-in-law left to go back home this morning. Though her visits are getting easier, it is always nice to have my own space back when she leaves.

I'll leave you now with the words of ZimDee: "Don't tell me shush!" Oh, sorry, wrong words. I meant: "Wuvitoo."


mamma said...

I'm gonna need more clues.

Tam said...

No bells ringing here, either.