Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Congratulations to Amanda

Congratulations to Amanda for winning the movie line contest from Ghost. Great movie. Romantic. Funny. Thought-provoking.

The next movie line up for consideration, in honor of its re-release with new bonus materials, is:

"As you wish."

" I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me!"

and my personal favorite:

"I will never doubt again."
"There will never be a need."


Remember to have fun with your answers; elaborate!

In blog news, I have registered the domain name I would have chosen that for blogger, but it was already taken, so I had to go with Anyway, when you click on you will be re-directed to this site. Hopefully much less confusing.

*My love to all*


mamma said...

The Princess Bride!

I just love that movie. How can you not love that movie? So sweet, and no Meg Ryan in sight.

Jennifer said...

I had a huge crush on the actor that played Wesley when this movie came out in the theater. So cute!

Tam said...

Dang. Finally knew one and missed my chance. :-(

I ADORE this movie. I think this is the only time Carey Elwes has been cute in a movie. He melted my heart in this one but I've never had the same feeling about him since.


msubulldog said...

Congrats on snagging your domain name! :)

Stephanie said...

Oh wow, this movie will ALWAYS go down as an all-time favorite for me. It seriously has everything you would want in a movie don't you think? Romance (oh god the romance), action, humor, suspence, and fantasy. LOVE it. What also makes this movie so wonderful and so memorable is it's music. I can't remember what instrument they used to create that sound, something with strings but it's just so beautiful. It lifts you, know what I mean?

Yes, yes and let's not forget the man in the mask, our beloved Wesley. I don't know any girl that didn't fall head over heels for this man. WHAT a CUTIE! Then he has to go off and be some weirdo bad guy in Twister. Come on Carey, we NEED you in roles with more pirate costumes... please?

Hmm... why did I suddenly think of Johnny Depp? <3 yummy.

Luv2ReedGrandma said...

The Princess Bride is an all time favorite. I love the way Wesley guided her through the steaming guyser things, haha. I think I see his character in "House" every week. And I always think of Princess Bride. sigh

Anonymous said...

Hi L2RGma,
Yes, The Princess Bride is a great movie. But I think you're thinking of Robert Sean Leonard, the guy who plays Wilson in House. RSLeonard was very cute in Much Ado About Nothing, as well as Dead Poets Society. Cary Elwes played Westley, and very nicely too, I might add. You can also see him in Twister and Kiss the Girls. *love*