Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Who wants to play tag?

A tag from Kim:

I WANT to never lose my sense of humor.

I WISH I could have met my father.

I HATE disrespect and rudeness.

I MISS living near my sister. Every day.

I FEAR losing someone I love.

I HEAR my children playing.

I WONDER what my children will be like when they grow up.

I REGRET not learning to knit sooner.

I AM NOT an early riser by nature.

I DANCE a lot around my children.

I SING whenever the feeling strikes me.

I CRY when I laugh too hard.

I AM NOT ALWAYS on time for everything, but I do get there.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS many crafts that bring me endless joy.

I WRITE similar to my grandma.

I NEED the love of my family.

I SHOULD go to bed earlier.

I START most every morning with a pot of tea.

I try to FINISH every day with a bit of knitting.

I TAG whomever feels like playing!!


Tam said...

I'll play. :-)

Sandy Cheeks said...

Neat, I'll play, too...Tomorrow, though, I'm hungry right now...