Thursday, June 01, 2006

Congratulations to mamma

Congratulations to mamma for winning the movie line contest from Notting Hill. Nice job!

A big thank you to Jennifer for letting me know about the books on tape websites ( and What a great resource!

Girlie's teacher arranged for an Author's Tea for her 2nd grade class. The students wrote, then "published" their books at school. On the night of the event, they dressed up in their finest and read their books aloud into a microphone in front of the audience of family members. It was quite an evening.

(Due to technical difficulties, the part of Girlie will be played by a little red x in a box. Blogger is really freaking out about pictures lately! What you should be seeing instead of a silly red X in a square is my darling daughter in her pretty blue dress standing with her brother. If you click on the X the picture may or may not display for you. Stay tuned for updates. We now return to your regularly scheduled programming...)

Girlie did well. It brought back memories for me of why 2nd grade was one of my favorite years of school: because the world of imagination really started to soar. I was very proud of my angel girl. And she felt pretty because I let her wear my shiny lip gloss.

Speaking of the world of imagination, guess what project Girlie is working on now? She is hatching a batch of sea monkeys. Does anyone else remember doing this as a kid? Well, let's put it this way: I tried to grow sea monkeys, but they never hatched. But now it's all high-tech, see? The kit comes with a thermometer, which is set for "the triops zone". (I guess sea monkeys are actually called triops, or brine shrimp. Who knew?) You must make sure that the water is the correct temperature by warming it under a lamp. The directions are very specific. Maybe that's why I was not successful as a kid. But today when Girlie came home from school, she was delighted to find four little sea monkeys floating/swimming around. They're about as big as a small flea and they're kind of transparent. The book says they only live for about 20 days or so, so I don't have to worry about getting a pet-sitter or anything like that. Fun stuff.

And guess what the mailman brought today? That is a Jamba Juice gift card. I would like to say thank you to whoever sent this to me, thus enabling my addiction, but alas, the card wasn't signed, and there was no indication who it was from. Would anyone like to 'fess up so I can thank you properly?

And now it's time for another movie line contest. The line up for consideration is:

"So today here, we have apples and oranges. We're all different now, but in the end, we're all fruit."

Good luck to all.


Jennifer said...

My Big Fat Greek Wedding! Another great comedy.

Your little girl is so cute with her book!

Stephanie said...

I'm so proud of Girlie! Look how sweet she looks... <3

My brothers had some sea monkeys when we were little, but I don't ours hatching either. I want to get some! How fun... seriously.

Wow! That's so cool! Hey if anybody wants to "mysteriously" send me a gift in the mail, that'd be neat... heehee

mamma said...

Sure wish the Jamba juice cert was my idea, but it wasn't me.

Girlie is so cute. What a great night for her. She's pretty focused to be able to grow sea monkeys. I always thought they were a scam. guess they really hatch after all.

msubulldog said...

I grew Sea Monkeys as a kid. They were cool until my little sister knocked them over. Our carpet smelled like fish for a looooong time.