Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Congratulations to Jenni

Congratulations to Jenni for winning the movie line contest for Overboard. I'm curious--did you like the movie? It's one I could watch over and over again. Especially since it was filmed here in Oregon. And it's just so dang cute.

I have a new rule for the movie line contest. If you're going to make a guess, I'd also like you to make a comment on the movie you're guessing about. Loved it? Hated it? Loved it but didn't care for the actors? Share. Tesify. Elaborate. No more one-word answers, please. I want to know what you think about the movie.

The next movie line up for consideration with the new rules in place is:

"You in danger, girl."

Good luck to all.


Jennifer said...

Oh man, this movie was very exciting for a preteen. I won't make a guess though, as I've won a couple recently. I LOVED this movie though!

msubulldog said...

Ghost! (I had to say the line out loud to figure it out, but when I did it made me giggle!) Loved it, of course, but haven't seen it in many years. I had the obligitory pre-Roadhouse crush on Patrick Swayze. :)

Sandy Cheeks said...

Makes me cry every time.

Stephanie said...

Geez, it's hard for me to keep a dry eye at the end of this movie too. "Diddo..." come on! sigh and how about that song?! "Ohhhhh, myyy loooove. my darlin, I hunger for yooourr touch..." love it.